Tuesday, April 08, 2008

french indie love: m83, sebastian tellier

m83 - graveyard girl [link 2]
[french based anthony gonzales returns with yet another lush retro guitar album called 'saturdays = youth' produced by ken thomas (sigur ros, cocteau twins) and ewan pearson (tracey thorn, the rapture). personally i feel like this song sounds like a theme song for a john hughes movie starring a goth girl as the lead (will someone make a john hughes-like movie already? we need them in our lives again!)]

sebastian tellier - divine [link 2]
[french multi-instrumentalist and all around kooky artist returns with a new album sexuality AND the title of the french representative for the 2008 eurovision song contest. THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST! oh the wonderful surrealness of it all!]

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