Monday, November 03, 2008

the bpa - seattle (feat emmy the great) / toe jam (feat david bryne & dizzee rascal)

the bpa feat emmy the great - seattle [link 2]

the bpa feat david bryne and dizzee rascal - toe jam (stanton warriors mix) [link 2]
[musician/dj norman cook (aka fatboy slim) returns under the new alias of the brighton port authority. as usual norman isn't letting on too much about the collaborative project, but what we do know is that besides the artists featured above, ashley beedle, iggy pop, jack penate and martha wainwright are all rumored to be in on the project. can't wait to listen to this album! BTW, i'm totally digging this stanton warriors remixed version of toe jam which heavily features dizzee's awesome rapping over a hot groove.]


dan said...

safe these are cool to blog = seattle jaimie fanatic big mix dub = seattle crazy p remix

Alex Claremont said...

Hey Wongie,

Thought you might like this guy Chris Garneau, his song relief is amazing!


Anonymous said...

Goodbye Wongie's Music World.. I loved thee!