Friday, March 12, 2010

WONGIE HAPPY SONG OF THE WEEK: darwin deez - radar detector

darwin deez - radar detector
[from the independent:

"Darwin Deez are a pretty strange and enduring looking bunch.

A crossbreed of The Strokes, yet they possess a personality and sense of humour, (much unlike the Last Nite trendies), and there is an element of Flight of the Conchords- if you can manage to take that seriously.

Dressed up in bright pastel colours, and almost resembling a tube of Loveheart candies, this colourful bunch look like they’ve dragged themselves out of a 80s’ New York.

Singer, Darwin (“Darwin is the name my parents gave me. Deez is not my real last name though. It's like Sasha Fierce”), who personally reminds me of a elfin type creature, sports a shiny luscious mane of brown curls (on a recent 6music interview he admitted he doesn’t use shampoo. Pop fact number one!), complete with a headband to hold his pretty locks in place, and a turquoise jumper that looks like something I wore in nostalgic family photos dating back to the early 90s; this front man pixie is something else."

as for the video, personally, i kind of dig this version shot by the f.d.c. featuring the kids of P.S. 217]

darwin deez - radar detector (f.d.c. video version)
[here's more info on the FDC program:
FDC/PS 217 Parent Association After School Program is a collaborative effort between PS 217 and FDC to provide after-school activities to children in kindergarten through fifth grade. The after school program provides working parents with an affordable option for after school programming and wraparound care for other school sponsored after school activities.]

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