Friday, July 30, 2010

NEW STORNOWAY!: stornoway - watching birds

stornoway - watching birds
[finally a good video from the stornoway camp (plus any song that ends with a kazoo deserves a listen!) sadly it's been censored in the UK... maybe too much chess playing is illegal?]

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: robyn - hang with me

robyn - hang with me
[kicking off the upcoming body talk part II, robyn does a sweet re-edit of the last track from part I! currently touring the US (she's in NY today yo!!!), you can sure bet that i'll post some photos of my attendance of her gig next wednesday!]

NEW CHRISTINA!: christina aguilera - you lost me

christina aguilera - you lost me
[team christina. just what the F are you guys doing? here is a perfectly great song, written by the amazing sia, toning down the powerhouse vocals of christina (until the end of course) and offering a fragility and sensitivity that might just bring back some of the fans that have left her. instead, you shoot this silly video with amateur crossfades, frosty closeups and cheesy setups! wtf?! of all things, THIS should have been the performance video where she just sits, sings and maybe even sheds a tear by the end. one shot and we're done. sadly, you literally lost me!]

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: natasha bedingfield - touch

natasha bedingfield - touch
[um... the video has little to no reference to the lyrics being sung (ok fine, it's a tad too high concept for my tastes), but what a great piece of uplifting poppery the actual song is! the magic of natasha is that she sings the sh*t out of her songs (especially live) and they are just so darn catchy! loves it!]

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WONGIE POP SONGS OF THE WEEK: bruno mars - just the way you are / the other side

bruno mars - just the way you are
[the official 1st single from the hawaii native, bruno offers up a wonderfully breezy pop song that just keeps on layering swoony lyrics and sounds. brilliant!]

want more? check out a track taken off his as yet untitled upcoming album

bruno mars feat cee-lo and b.o.b. - the other side
[check out this gorgeous collaboration with cee-lo and b.o.b.! it's a rocking soul anthem if you ask me!]

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: magnetic man feat angela hunte - i need air

magnetic man feat angela hunte - i need air
[made up of 3 dj's skream, benga & artwork, magnetic man have come up with an amazing dubstep meets r&b amalgamation that crossed over in the best possible way. the song is killer! KILLER!!!]

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: the wanted - all time low

the wanted - all time low
written by the people behind JLS and The Saturdays, this song is kind of pop genius if you ask me. primed for a UK #1 this week, the smart strings hook and subtle chorus make this the one of the best pop songs of the year. as for the boyband themselves, they are definitely lucky they got this track as their 1st single.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ROBYN DAY!: robyn - dancing on my own (live @ david letterman) / hang with me (radio rip) / hang with me (reset! remix)

oh boy, my gal robyn is on my continent and she's performing at a big city near you!! so i've collected a bunch of gems to remind you how much we love her! wanna see robyn live in NYC, enter here

robyn - dancing on my own (live @ david letterman)
[love this performance!]

also check out the radio rip of her upcoming single below! 'hang with me' has been retooled for the launch of her 'body talk part 2' album in september and it sounds wonderful!!

robyn - hang with me (radio rip)

robyn - hang with me (reset! remix)
[plus check out a sweet remix done by reset! it's hot!]

Sunday, July 18, 2010

AUDIO LEAK: david gray - a moment changes everything

david gray - a moment changes everything
[after just a year since the release of his album 'draw the line', david gray returns with new material (2 cd's to be exact!) under the title 'foundling'. someone is feeling prolific! can't wait to hear the rest of this album!]

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WONGIE DISCOVERY: fanfarlo - fire escape

fanfarlo - fire escape
[from wiki:
Fanfarlo is a London-based indie pop band formed in 2006 by Swedish musician Simon Balthazar. They fuse elements of folk, indie rock and post punk using eclectic instrumentation including trumpet, violin, mandolin, musical saw and clarinet.

The band, whose name comes from the Charles Baudelaire novella 'La Fanfarlo', started performing live in small London indie clubs in 2006, and released four limited edition 7" singles on London-based indie labels (one of which a split single with Sleeping States) throughout 2006-2008.

Their debut album, 'Reservoir', was recorded in October/November 2008 at Tarquin Studios, Connecticut, USA and was produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol). The album was released in February 2009 on the band's own label Raffle Bat and later licensed to the Atlantic imprint Canvasback, who released it in the UK and US in October 2009 and in Europe in April 2010.]

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LIVE WONGIE: mumford and sons feat dharohar project - to darkness / lover of the light (live)

[as we reported earlier, mumford and sons went with laura marling last year on a 5 city tour of india. while there, they did a cultural recording project with the rajasthani folk collective dharohar project, reworking each others songs which were then released last week on itunes. the result is not only captivating, but further showcases the talents of these acts. check out the extended clip of their journey from the upcoming doc goodbye india below:]

goodbye india
if you like what you see, the guardian has another scene from the doc. just remember to come back!]

mumford and sons feat dharohar project - to darkness
[just sublime. i'm sure the live version would be amazing!]

mumford and sons - lover of the light (live @ bangalore)
[while on tour, mumford offered up a new song for their audience. the song is just epic!]

LIVE WONGIE: laura marling feat dharohar project - meheni rachi / devil's spoke sneh ko marg (live)

goodbye india (trailer)
[last year, singer songwriter laura marling went with mumford and sons to india to record a cultural exchange EP with the rajasthani folk collective dharohar project. the result is not only an interesting doc called 'goodbye india', but a 4 track EP featuring the collaboration. check out of the tracks performed live below!]

laura marling feat dharohar project - meheni rachi

larua marling feat dharohar project - devil's spoke / snrh ko marg (live)
[here's a live audio of another of the collaborations. lovely! to watch more of the experience for laura, check out her site for vids!]

Monday, July 12, 2010

I NERD FOR STORNOWAY: stornoway - 5 songs (live @ mercury lounge july 8)

[for my 10 fans of the site (i'm going to start using that more often now!), you know that we've been nerding for the oxford based stornoway since late february. their brand of earnest folk mixed in with superb 4 part harmonies and heartfelt lyrics have given us one of the better debuts albums of the year.

last week the band took a break from their hectic/sold out festival schedule and came across the pond to perform 2 low key showcases for the NY crowd. i attended their 2nd show at the mercury lounge and managed to record 5 numbers of their all too short set. alot of the singalong fans knew the band from oxford and via the internet (me included) so it was pure joy to FINALLY get to experience them live. as you'll see they do not disappoint. promising a return later this year, go and check out the band when they come back and tour the US!]

Stornoway - I Saw You Blink (July 8 @ Mercury Lounge)
[the song that started it all for wongie. still genuine enough to bring a smile to my face even after the 1000th listen!]

Stornoway - Fuel Up (July 8 @ Mercury Lounge)
[my current sentimental favorite to plug walk the ipod soundtracked streets of new york to. drive on fans!]

Stornoway - November Song (July 8 @ Mercury Lounge)
[as a bonus, brian left his mic and gave us an acoustic performance of this song. truly beautiful, you could hear a pin drop during this whole time (bar the annoying talking chick standing behind me)]

Stornoway - We Are The Battery Human (July 8 @ Mercury Lounge)
[continuing their completely mic free stance, the whole band got in on the game and gave us this LOVELY future singalong anthem. this also marks the first time we get to see jon ouin move from behind the dark corner into the much needed frontline]

Stornoway - Zorbing (July 8 @ Mercury Lounge)
[their final song of the evening, featuring the full band (including violin and trumpet). already so sweet and lovely, i can only imagine what this band will sound like in a year's time! we heart stornoway!]

LIVE WONGIE: lady gaga - you and i (live @ madison square garden july 9)

lady gaga - you and i (live @ madison square garden july 9)
[hardcore fans of the gaga will already be familiar with this new song she premiered on her tour these past few weeks. but for those of you who haven't seen her live (yet), this wonderfully new catchy poppy rock number was easily one of the highlights of her 2 hour set. personally i prefer these songs over the crowd pleasing pageantry of her big hits, but somethings gotta pay for them crazy costumes!]

I NERD FOR BEIRUT!: beirut - 3 songs live @ music hall of williamsburg (july 6)

[after my coverage of beirut's last show, i present to you DAY 2 of the beirut at the music hall of williamsburg series. this time, i nabbed a sweet spot and got even closer to zach and co than the night before. check out the following wonderful three numbers that i caught on cam just for you!]

Beirut - Elephant Gun (July 6 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[though the crowd was rowdier than the night before, zach and co kept their cool and gave an even tighter performance of their now classic 1st official single!]

Beirut - Mimizan (July 6 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[i LOVE this song!!!]

Beirut - Scenic World (July 6 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[i just want to give sideman kelly pratt a heads up on my coverage of beirut. alot of focus goes to band leader zach, but over the past two evenings, i've noticed that the true glue of the band is kelly and his music leadership. plus he plays an even meaner trumpet than zach does. we heart kelly! we heart beirut!]

POP GALS: the saturdays - missing you

the saturdays - missing you

DANCE BITCH DANCE: benny benassi feat kelis, jean-baptiste and - spaceship

benny benassi feat kelis, jean-baptiste and - spaceship

NEW ROGUE WAVE!: rogue wave - solitary gun

rogue wave - solitary gun

Sunday, July 11, 2010

NEW MATT MORRIS!: matt morris - live forever

matt morris - live forever

NEW VIDEO!: maroon 5 - misery

maroon 5 - misery
[oh director joseph kahn is such a wacky guy! this video makes a perfectly 'meh' song completely watchable!]

VIDEO PREMIERE: kt tunstall - push that knot away

kt tunstall - push that knot away
[its the return of kt!! with her new album 'tiger suit' due for a september release, kt offers up a taster of her new fuller acoustic meets electronic band sound and we LIKE it!]

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I NERD FOR BEIRUT!: beirut - 4 songs live @ music hall of williamsburg (july 5)

[for the 10 fans of this site, i have never hidden my complete adoration of the band beirut (aka zach condon and co). i try to catch these boys every time they perform on home ground and was surprised to remember that the last time they did a show was way back in feb of 2009! so when my trusted music BFF told me they were doing 2 back to back shows (for no reason other than to perform for their fans) i found myself being a total beirut nerd for 2 nights... and what bliss it was! check out some of the highlights that yours truly shot of night #1!!!]

Beirut - Postcards from Italy (July 5 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[the most classic beirut number out there, but listen to how full the band sound now. so much more cleaner and polished... perhaps an insight to the quality of their upcoming album?]

Beirut - East Harlem (July 5 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[i could just drown in this song. never before released, there's something about the melancholia of the tune, plus i totally get the distance issue of someone living downtown ever going to east harlem. same island, but damn it's far! by far one of my all time favorite beirut songs ever!

Beirut - Forks and Knives (July 5 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[apologies for the beginning being clipped, i got lost in the accordion for a second before i realized i didn't press record. brilliant song though!]

Beirut - The Penalty (July 5 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)
[first number of the encore and just simply heartbreaking. beirut... i love you!!!!]

LIVE WONGIE: natasha bedingfield - touch (live @ so you think you can dance)

natasha bedingfield - touch (live @ so you think you can dance)
[natasha returns with her brand new single and sings the shizz out of it! throw in the amazing all stars from so you think you can dance and you have the perfect live performance of the week!]

Friday, July 09, 2010

RANDOM VIDEO WITH A CELEBRITY: brandon flowers - crossfire

brandon flowers - crossfire
[this is actually a really nice video with cutie brandon being saved by his hottie knight in tight pants, charlize theron. directed by aussie nash edgerton (1/2 of the edgerton brothers), it looks like nash is prepping to direct an action movie of his own soon!]

NEW STORNOWAY!: stornoway - zorbing

stornoway - zorbing
[OH MY GOD, can these boys NOT make a decent video? either they're allowing their mates to shoot these nothing video compositions, or they have no sense of visual taste. wtf?! thank goodness they are so brilliant as a performance band cause if i didn't know better, i'd write them off based on this blergh video!]

NEW VIDEO!: interpol - lights

interpol - lights
[hm... maybe the album will be better?]

NEW VIDEO!: she & him - thieves

she & him - thieves

LIVE WONGIE: lady gaga - 4 songs (live @ today show)

lady gaga - someone to watch over me / bad romance (live @ today show)
[sounding good! gaga starts off her set with a standard to intro her now classic smash. performing in front of 18,000 fans, this was a massive turn out for the today show. yaay little monsters!]

lady gaga - you and i (live @ today show)
[a new song! i love the fact that she seems so friendly these days, like she's gotten over her own personal issues with the media. good stuff]

lady gaga - alejandro (live @ today show)
[let it rain! gaga continues to give a proper performance!]

lady gaga - teeth (live @ today show)
[oh my gosh, she rips through this song in the pouring rain! and the way she thanks new york in the end... brilliant!]

Thursday, July 08, 2010

NEW VIDEO!: two door cinema club - come back home

two door cinema club - come back home
[oooh this is good stuff! two door cinema club just continue to offer the goods from their debut album 'tourist history'. love these boys!]

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

NEW RODRIGO Y GABRIELA! - rodrigo y gabriela - hanuman

rodrigo y gabriela - hanuman
[they are so amazing as guitarists that it's sick. SICK!]

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: the morning benders feat the echo chambers orchestra - stitches (yours truly sessions)

the morning benders feat the echo chambers orchestra - stitches (yours truly sessions)
[an outtake of the morning benders sessions shot last december, this version of 'stitches' is simply glorious (especially when the choir sings the chorus). definitely an easy choice of song of the week!]