Sunday, September 25, 2011

WONGIE LOVES: 2ne1 - ugly / lonely (jap) / hate you / i am the best (jap) / can't nobody (eng)

kpop girl group 2ne1 are expanding their popular reach beyond korea these days releasing japanese versions of their hits and also working with for an eventual US introduction. from a observer stand point, they are killing it with great songs that transcend the language barrier (though they'll have to tone it down just a smidgen for US auds). i can't stop watching these gals! below is a nice collection of the barrage of content they've pumped out these past few months:

2ne1 - ugly

2ne1 - lonely (japanese version)

2ne1 - hate you

2ne1 - i am the best (japanese version)

2ne1 - can't nobody (english version)

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