Monday, December 26, 2011

BEST OF 2011: guilty pleasures #1-10

1. Britney Spears – Til The World Ends
[here's the deal, even though this is a britney track that she probably read into a machine, the end result is still a solid club track that proved skanky kesha is secretly a talented songwriter that can crank out hooks with the best of them. best guilty pleasure of the year and i'm proud to admit to that!]

2. Pixie Lott – All About Tonight
[i literally sang "i bought a new pair of shoooooooes........" in my best ethel merman voice for a good month when i found myself loving this dance pop ditty that only a middle aged auntie would love. F... am i now a middle aged auntie?]

3. The Saturdays – All Fired Up
[no matter how much i mocked this stupid club song (it's literally made up of ONLY 'club slangs'), i still found myself bopping along to it at all times of the day. it beat me down people... and i'm all fired up for it!]

4. Katy Perry – The One That Got Away
[to be perfectly honest, this song is wonderful enough to make it onto the main 'best of...' list. it's just that i couldn't find placement anywhere on my large chart (you'll see). hence this sentimental gem got shafted to the sidebar, kind of apropos with it's title really...] 

5. One Direction – Gotta Be You / What Makes You Beautiful
[the runner up best boyband of the year (though i'm sure loads of tween gals will disagree) bring on the goods with two very easy on the ears tracks that i definitely would listen ONLY in the confines of my ipod or singing in the shower. "cause it's gotta be yooooooouuuuuuuuu!" oh wait, you can hear that? crap...]

6. Ke$ha - Blow
[skank queen kesha brings on a surprisingly genius solid club track that definitely doesn't blow. i still feel like i picked up a venereal disease after listening to it, but at least i had fun doing it!]

7. JLS - Take A Chance On Me / She Makes Me Wanna (feat Dev)
[the JLS boys join in on the eurotrash pop with their 'she makes me wanna' gem (heck even 2011 guilty pleasure mainstay dev makes an appearance) then switch it up with the mid tempo cheesey brilliance of 'take a chance on me'! solid pop output makes for a great year for these boys!]

8. Alexis Jordan – Good Girl
[how alexis goes from coy to a full on dramatic plead is pretty impressive for anyone looking for a girlfriend from hell. all ingredients for the perfect guilty pleasure if you ask me!]

9. Dev – Dancing In The Dark
[the genius with this track is how it starts off guido thumpalicious and turns into a miami club track instead. the fact that i love it so much tells me that i am trashy on multiple levels! sweet!]

10. 2ne1 – I Am The Best
[with a crazy ass video and a hook ridden sassy track to boot, 2ne1 is probably one of the few kpop acts that will do the crossover into english language radio. PLUS, these gals look like they would cut you if you pissed them off in an alley (which makes me kind of love them even more)!]

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