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Saturday, December 24, 2011

NEW CHER LLOYD!: cher lloyd - want u back / dub on the track (feat mic righteous, dot rotten and ghetts)

cher lloyd - want u back
[two new items from cher lloyd. to be honest, when she first came out with the horrendous 'swagger jagger' back in july, i was ready to write her off. but since then cher has proven that she's got a few pop tricks up her sleeve and we like it! please note: the new video is going to premiere in a few hours, but i figured i'd jump the gun and offer up the track for you to enjoy first!]

cher lloyd feat mic righteous, dot rotten and ghetts - dub on the track (
[oooh cher is hard yo! ok maybe not so much, but girl can defo do stank face with the best of them!]

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