Thursday, January 12, 2012

WONGIE SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: graffiti6 - free / rolling in the deep (adele cover)

graffiti6 - free
[back in 2007 we fell in love with a soulful singer/songwriter with a voice of butter named jamie scott. unfortunately his music got lost in the midst of all the releases that year and he found himself losing out on the success that he so deserved. fast forward to 2012 and something about the crazy harmonies and strong soulful approach of this song 'free' made me perk my ears up. so imagine my happiness when i discovered that my beloved jamie teamed up with producer tommy d (adele/kanye west) and created the new incarnation of graffiti6. the collaboration is magical and i am definitely putting their debut album 'colours' on my radar for the year. welcome back jamie!]

want more? check out jamie and co's lovely cover of adele's classic track below:

graffiti6 - rolling in the deep (adele cover)

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