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WONGIE FM: Best of 2012 #1-10

 Best of 2012: #1-10

1. Disclosure feat Sam Smith – Latch
Slinky and sexy and smoldering in the best of ways! This was the song that made evenings exciting and perfectly soulful. Throw in the fact that these UK dj producers are just so smart with the musical twists throughout the track and you have, in my book, the best thing of 2012!

2. Fun. – We Are Young feat Janelle Monae / Some Nights / Carry On
I honestly thought these guys were a one hit phenom, but then anthemic song after anthemic song came out of their debut album and well... it was too wonderful to ignore. Easily the best songwriters of 2012 and the strongest debut of last year too.

3. Usher – Climax
I just wanna make things clear, I'm not a fan of most of Usher's songs, but THIS diplo produced slow burn just crept in and just lingered. It was probably too subtle for fans of cheesy r&b, which is why it didn't do so well, but damn I blasted this over and over and over again throughout the year.

4. Rita Ora – R.I.P. / How We Do
Easily the best pop gal of 2012, Rita Ora brought her London streetwise sense to her music, offering songs that leaned just a little to cool-town but not too much to alienate soul pop fans. Throw in the fact that she is damn gorgeous (that smile!) and you have one of THE debuts of the year. Now lets party and bullshit!

5. Jessie Ware – 110% (If You’re Never Gonna Move) / Wildest Moments
There was an easy reason why Jessie Ware's beautiful soulful voice and dynamic debut got her a nominee slot in the prestigious Mercury Prize, her mere presence on the music scene offered a voice that was at once exciting and fresh, but also mature and heartfelt. Speaking of the latter, "Wildest Moments" was born to be THE love theme for a soundtrack! Someone make it happen already!

6. Rudimental feat John Newman – Feel The Love
2012 offered up the return of drum n bass (or whatever the new term is called these days) and no other track celebrated that return than with this #1 smash by Rudimental. What made the song even more amazing is the subtle intro of jazz influences that eventually overtakes the song by the end (it's 2 songs in one yo!) Just brilliant!

7. The Lumineers – Hey Ho / Stubborn Love
Taking the reins of the collective roots musicana movement, the Lumineers specialize in singalongs that you don't feel stupid wailing along to. I discovered them on a TV show (which shall be nameless since it would kill any street cred I have ;) but, they soon, like for many people, became part of my soundtrack of 2012. Making rustic cool for the masses, I sure love these guys.

8. Stars – Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
Thanks to Stars, THIS was my mantra of 2012. Whether this is because I've hit that age that every song offers up a reason to contemplate my life or the fact that I love songs that remind me of the 80's, you can't NOT get a chill when you hear the lyrics, "Take the weakest thing in you and then beat the bastards with it. And always hold on when you get love so you can let go when you give it." Brilliant. 

9. Emeli Sande – Next To Me / My Kind of Love / Naughty Boy feat Emeli Sande - Wonder
My favorite artist of 2012 was also one of my favorite acts of 2011, so Emeli Sande has done a solid job of keeping my love for 2 years running (no wonder her debut is the biggest selling album in the UK for 2012!) With song after song telling stories that I completely relate to, Emeli is a powerhouse that will only get bigger in the years to come. Love.

10. Alex Clare – Too Close
Who'd have thought that Internet Explorer would actually help someone? Reviving interest in a song that was considered dead back in 2011, "Too Close" quickly got picked up again by radio stations and ended up one of biggest songs of 2012 (one that had a dubstep bass during the chorus, how's that for crossover!) But the true reason for it's success is Alex's soulful growl that just rips through the breakup song. Powerful and exciting, this song has no place BUT in the top 10 for 2012!

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