Friday, July 05, 2013

ALBUM HIGHLIGHTS: jay z - tom ford / part II (feat beyonce) / holy grail (feat justin timberlake)

released to a million samsung subscribers before the album officially drops next week, jay z returns with a brand new collection of songs focusing on his crazy life, fatherhood and the world we're in today (pop culture references are all over the place!) on first listen, there aren't that many radio friendly hits, but a jay z album is still an event and here are what i feel are the highlights:

jay z - tom ford
tumblr / twitter reference on one of the catchiest numbers on the album! throw in the fact that it's quite humorous and you've got an instant fan favorite for the masses!

jay z feat beyonce - part II (on the run)
mrs carter makes her anticipated appearance on hubby's album and it's lovely! sounding more mature, i love hearing this lower registered bey especially when she's not over-singing. nice one this!

jay z feat justin timberlake - holy grail
JT is like jay z's new BFF and he opens the collection with this soulful number. sadly it's more like a justin song feat jay z than the other way around. it's a solid track though and definitely a highlight (with kurt cobain, mc hammer and michael jackson references to boot!) from an uneven album.

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