Friday, September 05, 2014

CRAM JAM: 6 songs feat oliver $ & jimi jules / fracture / tcts feat k stewart / chase & status feat cutty ranks / basement jaxx feat etml /

apologies for my complete lack of descriptions. i am away for work, but wanted to leave you a mini mix of wonderful songs for you to discover every day this week. press play. see if you like. discover new music. spread the word.

oliver $ & jimi jules - pushing on
yeah, this is a MASSIVE hit! turn this wongie house song of the week up!!

fracture - loving touch
i mean it samples the ralphi rosario house classic 'you used to hold me' then breakbeats the whole thing! wongie indie dance song of the week for sure!!

wilkinson feat talay riley - dirty love
drum n bass for your weekend anyone?

tcts feat k stewart - games
bringing on the house for your weekend!

chase & status feat cutty ranks - international
ok fine it's really just a groove, but i just like bopping along to it!

basement jaxx feat etml - never say never
does this fall under NSFW? it's robotics though!

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