Monday, December 22, 2014

AUDIO PREMIERE: madonna - living for love / unapologetic bitch / ghosttown / bitch i'm madonna (feat nicki minaj)

after a tough week in which 11 demos were leaked out from the madonna vaults, madonna countered with 6 official tracks from her upcoming february album for all the fans to buy on itunes. and thank goodness these songs came out, cause they are actually quite good (where some of those demos were... not)! below are my fave tracks from the lot:

1. living for love - co-produced by diplo, this is the official first single which has all the press calling it 'like a prayer' part 2. though it has all the trappings of a possible gospel house anthem, it goes the route of something more commercial (check out the piano chords by guest player alicia keys). apparently there's a heavier house version with a full on choir and wongie fave mnek in the mix, hopefully that will be on the remixes forthcoming!

wanna hear more? check out the rest of the tracks below:

2. devil pray - meh
3. ghosttown - easily my fave track of the lot, this mid tempo ballad co-produced by billboard has the makings of a long term fan favorite. nice one this!
4. unapologetic bitch - co-produced again by diplo, i'm kind of feeling this reggae infused dubstep track.
5. illuminati - easily my least fave track from the lot.
6. bitch i'm madonna (feat nicki minaj) - yet another track co-produced by diplo (this time with sophie), this kpop infused track reminds me of some previous 2ne1 hits (who fans of the kpop group know that there already is a connection between diplo and their sound). throw in a fun verse from nicki minaj and you've got a track that will divide the critics. i personally don't mind it.

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