Thursday, May 07, 2015

WONGIE REMIX OF THE WEEK: loreen - paper light (revisited)

loreen - paper light (revisited)
[UPDATE now with video premiere!!]
we've been fans of swedish singer loreen ever since her eurovision win back in 2012. though she still remains a star back in the EU zones, intl success seems to have eluded her. to be honest, it doesn't matter since the woman continues to put out interesting signature releases that places loreen in her own category. with a new single just out, the label competes with itself by putting out this 'revisited' version by salvatore ganacci and it's pretty damn hot! definitely on repeat!

btw, there is nothing wrong with the original single. it's a wonderful slice of smart pop, which is what we love from our loreen. check it out below:

loreen - paper light (higher)

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