Sunday, February 07, 2016

LIVE PERFORMANCE: coldplay superbowl halftime show (featuring beyonce / bruno mars)

[press play and watch in full screen]
coldplay superbowl halftime show featuring beyonce & bruno mars
it's kind of interesting to see the division of star power on this massive live performance. starting with a band throwing out a mini singalong medley of songs that are borderline forgettable the second you hear the next tune, a showman who with just his buddies bring out a playful urban street corner jive and a mama bey who in an instant not only owns the whole show but also throws in a political 'X' while throwing girl power to the world. of course it all gets softened back into a playful boy v girl thing with chris martin jumping into the center with his 'hey guys... it's me' energy. was it a success? if your name begins with the letter 'B' i'm sure it was. oh wait 'C' follows that letter in alphabet right? (non-interested silence ensues)

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