Friday, November 04, 2016

AUDIO BUZZ: beyonce feat dixie chicks - daddy lessons

beyonce feat dixie chicks - daddy lessons
with a collaboration that celebrates how artists will always have music in common, the beyonce/dixie chicks union has caused some big talk on what it means to be 'country' when the collective went on the CMA awards two nights ago. making their first appearance in years after being shunted by nashville for being politically vocal, the dixie chicks not only came back in style but brought on the queen bey to add to their defiance. beyonce hopefully reminded country music fans that so much of their roots came from bluegrass/soul music therefore making her attendance totally valid. either way the re-recording of 'daddy lessons' has all the spirit of a foot stompin party which at the end of the day, isn't that what we really want to be listening to on a friday!

not sure how long this will stay up, but here is the controversial / wonderful cma awards performance that has everyone talking:

beyonce & dixie chicks - daddy lessons

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