Friday, August 25, 2017

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: pnau - control your body

pnau - control your body
aussie-land's best dance act pnau have just released their new EP featuring three very diverse dance tracks for their fans. my fave one is this tech-house jam that is just one sick hook after another, reminding me of the big bombastic beats of the chemical brothers of yore. it's the perfect jam for your weekend so turn this track the F up!!

want more? check out the other two tracks from the 'into the sky' EP below:

pnau - into the sky
title track for the EP is also a bit of a rock dance jam featuring band member nick littlemore on vocals. it's fun and probably their most pop friendly track they've put out in ages.

pnau feat vera blue - young melody
this is your traditional classy house number featuring the very hot singer/songwriter vera blue on guest vocals. shame she's been sampled down, would have been interesting to hear a full song with celia pavey (aka vera blue) on lead.

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