Saturday, November 25, 2017

wongieFM: 15 songs you should know right now! #winter2017

there's just a wealth of wonderful new songs coming out at the moment and though you can see them added to my carmix2017 on a weekly basis (which you can follow on spotify) or through the facebook page, i figured i'd do a playlist to showcase 15 of my fave new songs that have come out the past few weeks. feel free to have this playlist play in your background cause it's really a nice mix!

the songs are:
pussy riot - police state
rae morris - atletico
jack vallier - rebekah
brandi carlile - the joke
rosie carney - winter
patrick watson - broken
lauv - paris in the rain
sir rosevelt - something 'bout you
kamille - give more
sampa the great feat nicole gumbe - black girl magik
jadu heart & mura masa - u never call me
sigrid - strangers
ruthven - evil
george fitzgerald - burns
icarus - no sleep

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