Thursday, December 07, 2017

WELCOME BACK! mondo grosso - labyrinth feat hikari mitsushima / spring awakens eternally feat ua

back in the 90's dj / producer shinichi osawa broke international ground by creating his acid jazz/neo soul side project mondo grosso. featuring a rotating group of vocalists that not only sang in their original japanese language, but the band was also part of the world music scene where listeners didn't let the language barrier stop their appreciation of mondo grosso's amazing music. fast forward 14 years later and osawa has brought back the group, this time expanding the dance sounds to include house, electronica and other genres. once again working with various singers, check out two tracks filtered through the genius that is shinichi osawa. welcome back mondo grosso!! 

mondo grosso feat hikari mitsushima - labyrinth
winner of mtv japan's dance video of the year!

mondo grosso feat ua - spring awakens eternally

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