Wednesday, April 04, 2018

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: lake street dive - i can change

lake street dive - i can change
normally when you hear a lake street dive song, you're expecting an upbeat fun retro jam led by the thick soulful vocal of rachael price. so imagine my surprise listening to their new single 'i can change' from their upcoming album 'free yourself up'. instead of a jazzy four piece number, it's a thoughtful acoustic ballad which strips down their sound to just rachael and a guitar. it's immensely lovely and tells me that the new album will be expanding their talents to incorporate some new sounds. yaaay!

but don't fret, you can still listen to rachael soul out vocally on their album's 1st release 'good kisser':

lake street dive - good kisser (live)

and since we're such big fans, here is the song that introduced me to this glorious posse:

lake street dive - you go down smooth (live)

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