Friday, July 28, 2006

indie friday: devotchka, thom yorke, the dears, cold war kids, the hidden cameras and classic feist

devotchka - till the end of time
easily the best movie of the summer, blog darlings devotchka were invited to co-produce the soundtrack for the sundance film festival favorite little miss sunshine. the end result, like the movie, is magical. check out the movie's 1st video here

thom yorke - cymbal rush (live on henry rollins)

from the album the eraser, it's nice to see that radiohead bandmate
jonny greenwood is helping out.

while you're at it, also check out a live version of this song from kcrw here)

the dears - ticket to immortality
yes, the lead singer sounds like morrissey, but their latest album gang of losers is just so awesome that you can easily forget the comparison.

cold war kids - hang me out to dry
hot indie blog favorites. i just dig how this song is kind of funky and soulful at the same time. there's no album from these guys yet, but i'll keep you posted when i find out.

the hidden cameras - awoo
the album awoo doesn't come out until sept 19th, but anything by this band (even a video) is worth going a little bit crazy for. i just adore this group (though if you've never heard of them before, this 1st single from the 3rd album isn't the best representation of their work) and can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

feist - one evening
(check out this one evening remix by VV from her remix album open season)

though the album let it die has been played out for the past year, i totally have a crush on the guy in this video, so just shut up and enjoy.

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