Thursday, July 27, 2006

janet jackson vs ciara - these days one is better than the other

even before nipplegate, janet jackson's career had reached a plateau in which she just wasn't moving beyond her 90's star status. so when i read that she's been working hard with her control producers jimmy jam/terry lewis AND under the watchful eye of her boyfriend JD (who helped mariah rise back from the dead last year), i was expecting some seriously hot shizz coming out.

well, apparently the shizz from janet is literally crapola. the 1st release is dull and boring, plus the video goes nowhere and is an expensive mess (what do you expect from director hype williams these days?). i'm totally disappointed.

flipside, ciara has recently released a single that sounds like the stuff janet should be putting out. energetic, polished and well... relavant, this 21 year old really gives janet a run for her money (and she sometimes even sounds like her).

this ain't no diva war. it's just a shame that someone like janet, who is so obviously talented and loved can mess it up so easily.

janet jackson feat nelly - call on me

ciara feat chamillionaire - get up

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