Monday, July 24, 2006

is cowboy the new pink? muse, the walkmen and the killers seem to think so

just seeing a rash of videos inspired by the wild west these days.
is this genre taking over last years punk revival visuals? guess i gotta get that bandana around my neck after all!

muse - knights of cydonia
the best video of the week! it's wild west madness as muse throw in kung fu, robots and a damsel in distress.
buy their crazy prog rock album here

the walkmen - louisiana
though not as raunchy as the muse are, the walkmen try to throw it up a notch with men in drag and the obigatory donkey
buy their awesome new album here

the killers - all these things i've done
the one that started the trend this year... just watch brendan flowers take a shower is reason enough!
buy their now classic album here

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