Tuesday, July 25, 2006

robbie williams is a rudebox

so i was right after all. as i reported a few days back, rudebox is really the name of the latest robbie williams single.

i get the feeling that because the instrumental version of the song was so fun, they wanted to create some proper underground buzz before attaching the song to something as pop as robbie williams.

with the remixes supported these past two weeks by club dj's pete tong, sasha, digweed and mark ronson, the song was getting some respect on the dancefloors. then on friday, the whole thing was exposed as a robbie thing (if you think about it, the always cheeky robbie would release a song like 'rudebox').

now whether you like the single or not, the rudebox remixes and videos are still fun to check out.

robbie williams - rudebox (riton remix)
robbie williams - rudebox (soul mekanik extended dub)
robbie williams - rudebox [sorry, i've been asked to take the mp3 down]

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