Friday, August 04, 2006

christina aguilera goes back to basics

just got ahold of the upcoming christina aguilera album (which i actually heard a month back) and though i can appreciate the creative leaps that she decides to take as an artist, i can't help but feel that CD1 (produced by dj premier) has the same cut'and'paste, jarring, shout in my face charm of her first single 'ain't no other man' (which can be uber annoying when you don't feel like it).

luckily cd2 (produced by the amazing linda perry) tries to diversify chistina's songs with doo-wap, blues and some songs which actually make christina sing in her quiet voice (thank you god!).

was there a need for two albums? i'm not quite sure, but if there was any way to have christina break away from her mickey mouse club past, back to basics definitely does the job.

here are three stand out trax [one week only]
CA - without you (gosh i hope this becomes a single)
CA - hurt (also this epic ballad)
CA - save me from myself

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