Wednesday, August 02, 2006

rappers delight: lady soveriegn, jamie t, spank rock, dj shadow, girl talk, plan b

i've been very excited about the slate of new hip hop coming out these days. not only are they going against the boring 'bling/b*tch/boast' criteria of 90% of what's on radio, but the music is vibrant and wonderfully diverse.

check out my faves at the moment:
lady sovereign - love me or hate me
(from her upcoming Def Jam album public warning)

jamie t - sheila
(jamie t artist website)

spank rock - rick rubin
(check out spank rock's website and remix a tune while you're at it!)

dj shadow feat q-tip & lateef - enuff
(check out info on DJ Shadow's upcoming album 'the outsider' on his myspace site)

girl talk - minute by minute
also check out two free downloads from the girltalk website
girl talk - hold up
girl talk - bounce that

plan b - mama
(guitarist rapper plan b is probably the most commercial of the lot, but i'm definitely feelin it. check out his website)

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