Wednesday, August 22, 2007

new video wednesday: rilo kiley, jose gonzalez, the bees, shocking pinks, the shins, new buffalo, wisely, the go team, handsome furs, shy child

hey guys, may i bring to you this massive batch of awesome videos that came out in the past week! so enjoy this big post while i go on a work related assignment through the weekend.

rilo kiley - silver lining [link 2]
[now this is more like it, the 2nd single off the just released under the blacklight album is pretty darn catchy (possible song of the week?). jenny lewis sounds amazing and looks fabulous as the runaway bride. thanks to spinner for the world premiere!]

jose gonzalez - down the line [link 2]
[swedish argentinian singer songwriter (that's alot of hyphens) jose gonzalez returns to our stereos with his upcoming long player in our nature. it's been almost two years since his last release and well, he's still as mellow and introverted as ever (in his case, that's a good thing!).]

the bees - listening man [link 2]
[i can't believe i missed this video two months back! it's like watching a wes anderson movie set to music. directed by dominic leung, this is easily my video of the week!]

shocking pinks - end of the world [link 2]
[originally developed as a side project for new zealander nick harte (the brunettes) has now become a full fledged buzz act now that hip label DFA have jumped on board to release his last two albums as one collection. i'm digging what i hear so far!]

the shins - turn on me [link 2]
[the most 'shins' sounding track off their last album wincing the night away. i'm surprised that it's taken so long to release (and a 3rd single to boot!), but better late than never right?]

new buffalo - cheer me up thank you [link 2]
[new buffalo is actually melbourne based singer songwriter sally seltmann's alter ego. with her sweet vocals and catchy pop tracks, it's always nice to discover something cool from aussie-land. taken off her 2nd album somewhere, anywhere, just wanted to thank to ifmv for the video tip!]

wisely - through any window [link 2]
[when the ever cool actress jenna fischer (aka pam beesley from the office) fawns over a band, she's pretty whole hearted about it. so much so that when california singer songwriter, willy wisely asked her to be in his latest video, she agreed instantly (even though 80% of it is through a bunch of polaroids which she happily posed for). told you she was cool! wisely's album parador is available through itunes.]

the go! team - doing it right [link 2]
[i talked about the go! team two weeks back and have nothing new to add, so here is the new video for their album proof of youth.]

handsome furs - cannot get started [link 2]
[yet another side project from an established band member, this time it's dan boeckner from montreal's wolf parade and his wife alexei perry. the duo, handsome furs, try to make as much beat driven noise with their music but through sparse instrumentation. i kind of dig it! check out their album plague park if you like what you hear too.]

shy child - summer [link 2]
[ny duo shy child continue to find buzz abroad with their nu-rave, rock, dance sound. noise won't stop is the album to find this latest gem (can you tell my brain is fried? see you guys in a few days).]


Anonymous said...

Wongie, deep preesh for featuring my song, and the Jenna Fischer video here.

Anonymous said...

the bees clip is awesome!