Tuesday, February 12, 2008

wongie live: grammy 2008 highlights

if you missed sunday's award ceremony, here are a few of the highlights from that evening (thanks to alis blog for the vids!):

beyonce and tina turner - intro / what's love got to do with it
[what a massively flambouyant introduction to the divas of music! it's a tad letdown when it all boils down to...tina turner.]

kanye west and daft punk - stronger
kanye west - dedication to mother
[two wonderful performances, one with added grooves thanks to daft punk, and the other a moving tribute to kanye's recently deceased mother]

amy winehouse - you know i'm no good / rehab
[a bizarre mix of upfrontery and total fear, this was one of the most raw performances of amy's i've ever seen. can't say i loved it, but when she hits those notes, i am all hers.]

alicia keys and john mayer - no one
[this was THE performance of the evening. with an arrangement that far outshines the original, this will easily go down in grammy history as one of it's best!]

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