Saturday, March 20, 2010

LIVE WONGIE: cheryl cole - parachute (live @ sport relief)

cheryl cole - parachute (live @ sport relief)
[cheryl went on sport relief yesterday to perform her latest single amid a high profile divorce. definitely coming off happy and gracious, hopefully her appearance helped the charity event raise a decent portion of the final 23 million pound tally. for those who don't know about sport relief, it is a UK charity that incorporates famous faces from sports and entertainment through fun cool fund raising events throughout the year, culminating in yesterdays big telethon.]

rufus hound (cheryl cole 'fight for this love' dance)
[the champion of this years "lets dance for sport relief" performs his winning dance number (look who shows up)! and if you are kind of going wtf, rufus hound is a pretty popular comedian in the UK and was one of the contestants in the charity driven dance competition.]

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