Monday, December 30, 2013

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: zara larsson - bad boys

zara larsson - bad boys
what a kick ass pop song! the swedes sure know how to craft the perfect catchy tune. throw in the sweet and talented zara and you've got the makings for a big hit. now if only they will reshoot the video and well... throw in a few dancers to make the uncomfortable solo number go away.

check out this song without the hand claps and bass.

zara larsson - bad boys (today remix)

[UPDATE] this song has been nagging a bit cause it just reminded me of a hit from a decade back and i figured it out! remember this one hit from lumidee?:

lumidee - never leave you (uh oh)
both great songs, so i'm not busting, just reminiscing!

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