Friday, February 02, 2018

WONGIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: justin timberlake - man of the woods

justin timberlake - man of the woods
ok i have to say that i was really looking forward to listening to JT's country/ americana album, but it's pretty official that the misleading album promo is just a visual front and the album 'man of the woods' is still showcasing a man rooted in soul. the nice thing about the title track is that it's a catchy low key effort (it even has an acapella breakdown) that is a subtle change for both JT and producers the neptunes. there's alot more of these jams on the album, but hey, as long as it's not anything like the 1st two singles, i'm good! oh and the kitschy paul hunter / prettybird directed video is fun too. 

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