Monday, March 19, 2018

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: seinabo sey - i owe you nothing / feat jacob banks - remember

seinabo sey - i owe you nothing
oh what wonderful imagery from director sheila johansson to showcase swedish singer seinabo sey's awesome return single 'i owe you nothing'. building slowly til a full on choir kicks in by the end, seinabo is playing with the sound of soul by giving it a bare bones alt twist that is distinctly all hers. i've been a fan since her last album and i gotta say, this kicks it up a major notch! turn it up!!!

want more? as part of the double a single, check out the gorgeously sparse 'remember' duet featuring the amazing jacob banks below:

seinabo sey feat jacob banks - remember
OH MY GOSH this duet is soooo good!

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