Friday, September 07, 2018

4 NEW HOZIER SONGS!!!: hozier - nina cried power (feat mavis staples) / shrike / moment's silence (common tongue) / NFWMB

after a 4 year wait, fans of hozier FINALLY gets new music in the form of the 'nina cried power EP' featuring 4 songs that showcase a wonderful tease of what his upcoming album is going to sound like. delving into a more soulful rootsier sound for some of the tracks, the irish singer/songwriter still has a lovely knack for powerful impactful songs. welcome back it's been way too long!

[UPDATED with video] hozier feat mavis staples - nina cried power

hozier - shrike

hozier - moments silence (common tongue)

hozier - NFWMB

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