Thursday, September 27, 2018

A STAR IS BORN OST: lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow / look what i've found

[10/9 new video!!!] lady gaga - look what i've found
if you're not already listening to the soundtrack that came out over the weekend, then this is a good track to give you an idea of the different kinds of sounds our girl 'ally' will be performing in the film. channeling some carole king, this is a fun jam that actually sounds better and better a few times played over. yeah... i'm a fan.

lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow (a star is born OST)
for those of us fortunate enough to see a star is born already, the experience of watching these two perform on stage for the first time is a naturally tear inducing moment that kicks off their adventure/tragedy ahead. so FINALLY getting to hear 'shallow' again is not only a beautiful thing, but it reminds me how much i loved this film (which all of you will get to see oct 5th!!) goosebumps!

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