Wednesday, January 30, 2008

don't call me a diva! new gems by: feist, duffy, adele, dawn landes, gabriella cilmi (video premieres)

feist - i feel it all [link 2]
[good ol feist returns on the video front with yet another fun joy of life (this time with FIREWORKS!) collaboration with patrick daughters. i wonder how many times they had to rehearse with this one?]

duffy - mercy [link 2]
[hailing from wales, duffy has been working with bernard butler (suede) for the past two years, honing her songwriting and vocal skills before getting the record label red carpet push that seems to surround her the past month. if you haven't discovered this polished retro star yet, now's a great time to get in on the bandwagon before her album is released early march. i'm a fan!]

adele - chasing pavements [link 2]
[with her debut album 19 just released and this current single at #2 for the 2nd week in the UK charts, i feel like my duty to push adele to the masses is pretty much done. at this point, this gal is already a 2008 success story in my book. if you want to check out her recent cover of the strokes' "last nite" on the bbc live lounge, click here]

dawn landes - twilight [link 2]
[there's always something peaceful and poignant when i hear modern bluegrass (especially when a female voice is involved). with a fine line from being folk music, acts like gillian welch and alison krauss constantly enter my playlist with high regard. now i can add NYC based dawn landes into my mix. i've only heard a few tracks from her album fireproof, but what i have heard is just lush. twilight reminds me of something you would hear at a modern day last chance saloon (ironic that the video is set in a beauty parlour). sigh...]

gabriella cilmi - sweet about me [link 2]
[working with hot UK producers xenomania (sugababes/girls aloud AND upcoming 2008 projects by annie/franz ferdinand), aussie born uk based gabriella cilmi is quickly being hailed at amy winehouse-lite. not sure if that's fair or accurate, but there is something interesting about her voice. hopefully her debut album will produce some better tunes other than this catchy, yet 'bleh', 1st single.]

PS: if you are totally feeling duffy, here are two more videos just for you:

duffy - rockferry [link 2]

jools holland's annual hootenanny feat duffy - first cut is the deepest
[the annual all star show in which the ever amazing jools holland gathers together his favorite voices and invites them to perform on his amazing stage. this year duffy was brought into the mix and rightfully so. this is just wonderful!]

PSS: check out this cute cover version of peter bjorn and john's "young folk" by dawn landes!

dawn landes - young folks [link 2]

kylie minogue - wow (video premiere)

kylie minogue - wow [link 2]
kylie minogue - wow (css remix) [link 2]
[not quite sure about her wigs here, but having a double a-sided video release date is pretty darn ingenious if you ask me. add to the fact that both "in my arms" and this track are two of the best pop songs out at the moment is just cause for a gay explosion (that would be confetti)! as an added bonus, here is a disco-ed out CSS remix just for you!]

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

kylie minogue - in my arms (video premiere)

kylie minogue - in my arms [link 2]
kylie minogue - in my arms (spitzer radio edit) [link 2]
[it's a big kylie fan day as she unleashes two videos for the world to enjoy. the calvin harris/richard stannard produced pop gem "in my arms" is the official europe release and it's just plain good ol'kylie fun! i've offered up the rougher spitzer remix for those of you who want something edgier. rrrrrr...]

on the radar 2008: the ting tings - great dj

the ting tings - great dj [link 2] [link 3]
[when the list of 2008 buzz acts came out a few weeks back, it was like a who's who of weird names thrown at you (jing jang jong meets the foals meets alphabeat meet ebony something or the other). of course, i took a listen to the acts on these tastemakers lips and of the post pop genre, the ting tings stood out the most to me. made up of manchester based katie white and jules de martino, the duo have quickly won fans over with their uber catchy and happily danceable 80's-esque songs. my fave song of the week, turn it up and jump around kids!!]

Want to know more? Check out this nice bbc2 profile of the band when they performed at glastonbury last year.

(cute!) on the radar: those dancing days - hitten

those dancing days - hitten [link 2]
[i admit that i have a soft spot for cute swedish pop acts, so when i discovered the stockholm based quintet those dancing days, with their cute baby doll outfits and happy personified, it was really love at first site. though the girls have already found success back home, it looks like they're readying an assault onto our shores as i type. in my book, it's just an all out cotton candy, daisies and butterfly attack, really.]

Sunday, January 27, 2008

hercules and love affair feat antony hegarty - blind / blind (frankie knuckles remix)

hercules and love affair feat antony hegarty - blind [link 2]

hercules and love affair feat antony hegarty - blind (frankie knuckles remix) [link 2]

[hercules and love affair is actually the brainchild of nyc based dj andrew butler. working through the hot dfa record label, andrew has found an amazing array of collaborators to work on his alter ego album project due in march. first off the bat is with the awesome antony hegarty (of antony and the johnsons). with his haunting vocals and disco throwback grooves, "blind" is easily one of the best songs of the season (only to be made better with the classy reworkings of legendary house DJ frankie knuckles which i've also offered up for you!). enjoy!]

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

that macbook air song: yael naim - new soul

yael naim - new soul [link 2]
yael naim - toxic [link 2]
[hardcore fans of french musical theatre probably knew yael naim as miriam in the ten commandments, but for many of us, we discovered her feist-like vocals via the macbook air ad that premiered today. born in paris and raised primarily in isreal, the singer songwriter has found serious success in france with her self titled album which features yael singing in english, french and her native tongue. international success is definitely on the way with her easy on the ears soft and acoustic sound. as a bonus, lemme offer up yael's creepy drunken sounding rendition of britney spears "toxic". it's a hoot!]

[here's the macbook air ad that's probably going to make yael a top 10 act.]

UPDATE 1/28:
check out this lovely live version that yael performed over the weekend at the 2008 NRJ awards.

re-rub be-bub: losers vs candi staton - you got the love

losers vs candi staton - you got the love [link 2]
[nothing like a good ol re rub of a club standard to get you through the day. check out the latest from xfm's eddy temple morris and his buddy tom bellamy (aka losers) as they throw in a wonderful new groove over the classic candi staton track. add in random footage of a 1980's game show hosted by cult director takeshi kitano and you've got a wonderful experience all around!]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

mark brown feat sarah cracknell - the journey continues (new video)

mark brown feat sarah cracknell - the journey continues [link 2]
[using a classical vocal hook off of a lloyds tsb bank ad, producer mark brown also brought in the ever amazing sarah cracknell (st etienne) as his guest vocalist. the next thing you know, the single "the journey continues" becomes one of the biggest airplay hits of the month. gentle and addictive, this is easily one of my favorite tracks of the week! enjoy.]

[check out the original tune that was written for lloyds tsb bank by elena kats-chernin called "eliza's aria" and performed by the tasmanian symphony orchestra.]

basshunter - boten anna ("now you're gone" original version)

basshunter - boten anna [link 2]
[with the new english version storming up to the the uk #1 spot this week, i thought i'd pass on the original (and better) swedish version for you. the song is just plain silly, but at least the swedish version has basshunter (aka jonas altberg) himself walking around with stringy hair, riding a dune bug styled like he's a russian 90's pop star. genius really.]

Sunday, January 13, 2008

goldfrapp - a&e (new video)

goldfrapp - a&e [link 2]
[now that everyone and their mother is making electro pop music like goldfrapp's last album supernature, the duo of alison goldfrapp and will gregory have gone back to their roots and come up with a melodious acoustic driven contender for best album of 2008. seventh tree was actually leaked on the interweb back in november, giving fans loads of time to let the tracks sink in (a not so subtle plan by the label? hm....) and most likely purchase when the album gets released officially feb 25th (at least i will). check out the 1st glorious single that has been on my repeat for the past week. a&eeeeeee]

bjork - declare independence (new video)

bjork - declare independence [link 2]
bjork - declare independence (matthew herbert 12" remix) [link 2]
[i'm playing a bit of catch up here as i offer up bjork's latest video to you. released before xmas, i'm kind of torn on my feelings for this piece only cause it feels kind of self-indulgent (it's nice that that the michel gondry directed video uses the song as an imaginary art installation, which then totally works). whatever i feel about this track is overshadowed by my love of the bjork-ster, so enjoy the video (and maybe even the song).]

alanis morissette - underneath (new video)

alanis morissette - underneath (webrip) [link 2]
[just a taster of alanis' upcoming (mid april) album 'flavors of entanglement' co-produced by guy sigsworth (bjork, madonna), the song "underneath" was submitted to the elevate film festival last year as a track that filmmakers would shoot a music video around. the final result is the video you see above. welcome back alanis!]

Friday, January 11, 2008

the leak: missy elliot

missy elliot - ching a ling [link 2]

[taken from the upcoming dance flick step up 2 (the first film was a guilty pleasure of mine), missy offered up a typical missy-esque tune for the soundtrack and a teaser to her 2008 album. hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!]

the leak: morrissey

morrissey - that's how people grow up [link 2]

[he's baaack! and it looks like he's finally found some clarity with his search to end his lifelong persona of loneliness. i love the yearning lyric "i was wasting my time, looking for love, someone must look at me and see their sunlit dream" (you can't fault the guy for continuing to have his heart on his sleeve! that's why we love him so!). taken off his upcoming greatest hits album, this is one of two new tracks before we get any brand new material late 2008. so cherish and grow up!]

double shot: sugababes - denial / change

sugababes - denial [link 2]
[it's kind of crazy how desperate the music industry is these days. in the case of sugababes, the mediocre success of their 2nd single 'change' (which was only released three weeks ago) led to the quick release of their more upbeat single 'denial'. the song itself is simple and playful, but the video is OTT on fabulousness! i'm lukewarm with this track, but the video is another thing!]

sugababes - change [link 2]
[actually a really great ballad if you ask me. i guess it kind of got lost within the xmas shuffle. shame really...]

Thursday, January 10, 2008

on the radar 2008: angus and julia stone

angus and julia stone - the beast [link 2]
[not to be outdone (gosh, my HK friends are competitive AND totally knowledgeble in music), my mediawhore bud E-lo dropped me a note about one of his latest obsessions by the name of angus and julie stone. an aussie brother/sister act who released a self-produced EP in 2006 by the name of chocolate and cigarettes, the siblings found an unlikely fan in fran healy (travis) who went on to produce their follow up EP heart full of wine. with the success of these two releases, angus and julia quickly signed on to EMI Australia where their debut album A Book Like This made it to number 20. looks like they're ready to make some waves in the UK. currently going on a sold out mini tour, check out the wonderfully sweet intimate vocals of angus on this chilled out track.]

awesome trailer using radiohead: skins series 2

radiohead - nude [link 2]
[my friend over at E4 passed on his latest directed trailer for the upcoming second series of the awesome show skins. using radiohead's
"nude" as his musical base, it looks like this season we're going dark... real dark! i can't wait to see this!]

on the radar 2008: basia bulat

basia bulat - in the night [link 2]
[my gal fiorini bassi tipped me this morning about one of her current favorite acts by the name of basia bulat. hailing from london, ontario (that would be canada folks!), basia released her album oh my darling independently back in april of last year and made a bit of a ripple on canada as a singer/songwriter to watch. after signing a worldwide distribution deal with rough trade records, it looks like basia is ready to bring her beautiful vocals to everyone. produced by howard bilerman (arcade fire, the dears), check out this new track to coincide with basia's repackaged release for feb 2008!]

basia bulat - little waltz [link 2]
[here's something totally random, dilson1 of youtube re-edited the daft punk film electroma to fit this basia bulat song. melancholic futuristic desert beings? it totally works!]

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

janet jackson - feedback

janet jackson - feedback [link 2]
[i'm kind of holding off on what i think of this song only because i really do want janet to do really well this time around. but all i hear is a britney recording sessions reject track (and that's NOT a good thing). ironic to call the song 'feedback' since it sure doesn't feel like her team got any in the first place. ack, i'll probably love this tune in a weeks time.]

vampire weekend - a punk

vampire weekend - a punk [link 2]
[looks like this is the first official single taken off their self titled album which also marks 2008 as the official year of vampire weekend as major indie artists. love what i've heard so far from these ivy leagued afro beat lovin' prepsters!]

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

radiohead ga ga: scotch mist videos (the complete in rainbows album)

radiohead - in rainbows (scotch mist session videos)
[in conjunction with the "physical manifestation" of the in rainbows album at all retail outlets, radiohead released a 52 minute video featuring performances shot live in their studio and surroundings. since the album is already so hypnotic and amazing, now you can just stare at them while listening to this album. thanks radiohead!]

radiohead - reckoner [link 2]
[my fave song off the album. totally interesting to see them do it live!]