Saturday, June 30, 2007

discovery: linda thompson featuring antony - beauty (written by rufus wainwright)

linda thompson feat antony - beauty [link 2]

[though i've heard of folk singer linda thompson before, i never knew that she led a very tumultuous life of high drama (mostly with her ex-husband richard) and even lost her voice at one point (which she got back by injecting botox into her throat!). this is probably why she sings melancholy so well. which is also appropriate that her son's (singer teddy thompson) best friend rufus wainwright, wrote her a tune and got antony to join in on the emotional fest. personally, i can't wait to check out her album versatile heart which even features a contribution from tom waits. thanks to stereogum and docopenhagen for the song introduction]

hear good music: terra naomi

one of the first acts signed on to a major label based on her popularity on youtube, singer/songwriter terra naomi first introduced herself to the world by broadcasting concerts from her hollywood apartment. her performance of the song "say it's possible" quickly gained popularity on the site, garnering cover versions and translations in different languages from fans all over the world (2 millions hits and counting yo!).

all this has paid off wonderfully for terra, not only did she receive the youtube best music award for 2006 but also signed on to island records who will officially release her album in august.

check out the song that made it all happen:

terra naomi - say it's possible [link 2]
[simple and sweet, i've been singing this song to myself for the past few weeks. i don't know why, but she reminds me of a young linda perry.]

terra naomi - close to your head (live @ rolling stone/cisco ad shoot)
[a live performance that terra taped recently. the girl is a wonderful singer and that kind of allows you to ignore some of the borderline twee lyrics.]

amerie - gotta work (video premiere)

amerie - gotta work [link 2]
[personally, i think this is a very well produced hack job of her now classic '1 thing', but since she is just way too babe to dis, may i present her latest video for you to drool over (even for a fey bloke like me!). thanks to alis blog for the video tip!]

b-side love: loney dear - i do what i can

loney, dear - i do what i can [link 2] (saturday waits b-side)

[i've been reading a few blog entries by swedish musical prodigy emil svanangen (aka loney, dear) and it seems that he's happy from the expanded attention touring with the loney, noir album, but misses the time to hole up and write music. it must be so weird to be so public after being so musically insular for 4 albums (emil recorded most of his stuff in his parents basement). so i've decided to offer up one of those basement creations in the form of "i do what i can". taken from his independantly released album 'citadel band', when he sings the line 'but it all brings me down' i get the biggset tinge of 'aw'... it's just beautiful!]

b-side love: kate nash - habanera

kate nash - habanera [link 2]

cause i'm nice here is a remix for you!
kate nash - foundations (metronomy mix)
[link 2]

[comparisons to lily allen are strictly from uninspired pr hacks, kate nash has more musicality mixed in with her obvious spunk. check out this quirky b-side to her wonderful "foundations" single that kind of reminds me of regina spektor via the "cell block tango" of chicago.]

Friday, June 29, 2007

news flash: beirut announces a new album and fall tour dates

while trolling the blog world today, i discovered that cutie genius zach condon (aka beirut) has announced an october 9th release of his new album 'the flying cub cup'.

the tentative track listings are:
00 A Call to Arms
01 Nantes
02 A Sunday Smile
03 Guaymas Sonora
04 La Banlieu
05 Cliquot
06 The Penalty
07 Forks and Knives (La Fête)
08 In the Mausoleum
09 Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)
10 Cherbourg
11 St. Apollonia
12 The Flying Club Cup

not only that, but he's planning on coming back to the states for a limited number of dates. i'm so there!
US dates:
09.23 Princeton, NJ - Terrace F Club
09.24 New York, NY - Society for Ethical Culture (Wordless Music Series)
09.26 New York, NY - Delacorte Theater
09.30 Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa
10.02 Toronto, Ontario - Danforth Music Hall
10.04 Chicago, IL - Portage Theater
10.08 San Francisco, CA - Herbst Theater
10.09 San Francisco, CA - Herbst Theater
10.10 Los Angeles, CA - Avalon

(thanks to pitchfork and i guess i'm floating for the info)

also if you want to listen to live versions of "nantes" and the lovely "penalty", check out rewritable content's page for beirut's complete show at the koko on the 26th.

while you're at it, check out this song that zach recorded under the guise of the real people. definitely more electronic than what you've grown to love, but still gorgeous to listen to!

zach condon (the real people) (aka beirut) - venice [link 2]

Thursday, June 28, 2007

(pop) songs we like: newton faulkner - dream catch me

newton faulkner - dream catch me [link 2]
[a much better full-sounding pop release than his debut single 'i need something', i still can't get over the fact that this singer/songwriter is a brit! now if he'll just cut that nappy hair and US crossover success will be imminent.]

news flash: spice girls announce reunion tour!

like you're surprised. for the past week there have been constant reminders of the 'big announcement' from the spice girls and as expected, the fab five have admitted to an 12 city reunion tour, a new greatest hits package and a warts and all documentary about the spice girls story.

UPDATE 6/29 here is the reel that they showed at the press conference:

looking at the adult version of these girls makes me wonder if their teeny bopper muzac will work in this day and age (since the much sexed up, and more talented pussycat dolls, have modernized the whole 'girl power' idealogy). truth be told, just the idea of these ladies doing 'wannabe' is reason enough to go.

these are the cities announced:
Los Angeles - December 7
Las Vegas - December 8
New York City - December 11
London - December 15
Cologne - December 20
Madrid - December 23
Beijing - January 10
Hong Kong - January 12
Sydney - January 17
Cape Town - January 20
Puerto Rico - TBA 2007-2008
Buenos Aires - January 24

while we're on a memory kick, here are some highlights that i openly enjoyed in the past!

spice girls - 2 become 1 [link 2]
["cause tonight... is the night... when 2 become 1!" oh the joy! definitely my favorite spice girls song ever!]

spice girls - goodbye [link 2]
[another great song. gosh i forgot how many wonderful cheesy mid-tempo stuff they did!]

spice girls - viva forever (acoustic version) [link 2]
[can you just see the turmoil among the group? they couldn't even get together to make a video! the animated spices look like they are crazed, which wasn't too far from the truth.]

spice girls - spice up your life (live @ istanbul)
[something to look forward to for their upcoming tour. to me, the girls always seemed like a childrens tv show that crossed over into the mainstream. nothing better shows that than this sugar coated performance!]

interpol - the heinrich maneuver (video premiere)

interpol - the heinrich maneuver [link 2]
[hey lady, watch out for the... oh forget it. i don't know, but something about starting off a song with, "how are things on the west coast" really impresses me. it's not their best work, but it's catchy enough to make me totally curious about their upcoming album our love to admire. thanks to ifmv for the video tip!]

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

robotic dance bitch dance: the whip, thieves like us

the whip - divebomb [link 2]
the whip - frustration [link 2]
[what a kicking old school electronic track! 'divebomb' reminds me of the new wave instrumental stuff that my oldest brother used to be obsessed about (he was a massive ymo and kraftwerk fan). as for the vocal track 'frustration', it's good to hear that their hometown legends, new order, have a torch bearer for the new generation! thanks to chinolatino and maison kitsune for the tip!]

thieves like us - drugs in my body [link 2]
[didn't know these guys are a hometown band, but after reading their bio, it's more like new york by way of sweden. nevertheless, this trio makes new wave disco that just begs to be blasted in our sweaty downtown bars. i'm also totally digging the retro 80's feel of the video too!]

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

new video tuesday: kanye west, chris brown, eugene mcguinness

kanye west - stronger [link 2]
[it's pretty official now. kanye has the onscreen presence of p diddy (and that's not a good thing). the last 30 seconds where it's just him dancing is just painful to watch! thank goodness cassie got roped in to offer some much needed visual candy. thanks to alis blog for the video tip!]

chris brown - wall to wall [link 2]
[ugh! what a letdown! it had the makings of a MJ thriller video. instead it's dancing on walls and sour vampire silliness. BORING!]

eugene mcguinness - monsters under the bed [link 2]
[really cute song by a new singer songwriter that i'm keeping around on my radar blip. check out his myspace page for the song "bold street", i'm really digging it! thanks to ifmv and domino records for the tip]

wongie redux: ONCE - the movie

fans of my music world know that i've pretty much decided ONCE to be one of my favorite films of 2007. though i hyped the film a few months prior to it's release, i still tell everyone that this is the movie to see this summer.

so much so, the other day i dragged a few friends with me to watch the film again (to their surprise since it's been ages that i've actually PAID to go see a film) and on second viewing i have to say ONCE still holds that sweet gentle place in my heart.

maybe it's the simplicity of the film, or the fact that i have similar feelings about life and music, but i'm not the only one. currently the #1 soundtrack on itunes and doing some serious box office on just 127 screens (3 million yo!), it's great to know that the film is resonating with a larger audience!

check out some new items posted by the ONCE folk.

ONCE OST - glen hansard - say it to me now [link 2]
[the song that starts off the film. sigh...]

ONCE OST - glen hansard & marketa irglova - when your minds made up [link 2]
[i still get goosebumps when he hits that crazy high note in the middle of the song. but what's even more amazing is that glen is playing the same guitar he does in the movie!]

amy winehouse - tears dry on their own (world premiere)

amy winehouse - tears dry on their own [link 2]
[just two days after my remix posting comes the video for one of my favorite tracks off amy's back to black album. is it just me or did her hair bump get bigger? thanks to ifmv for the video tip.]

Monday, June 25, 2007

crazy radio interview: when kelly rowland met wendy williams

[thanks to kelly rowland's fansite for the picture]

i don't know if you've ever listened to the wendy williams experience on radio, but this lady has zero filter when it comes to interviewing people. shocking, tasteless and hilarious, most of the hip hop/r&b world avoid her show like the plague.

so when i heard that ex-destiny's child kelly rowland booked an interview on wendy's show, i was shocked! well... here it is in ALL of it's (40 minutes) glory. and i have to say, i have newfound respect for ms. kelly!
as kelly would say in her own words, "OMG!"

Sunday, June 24, 2007

remix baby: amy winehouse - tears dry on their own (al usher remix)

amy winehouse - tears dry on their own (al usher remix) [link 2]

[with new dates added on to her US tour and a top 10 single in the Billboard charts, it looks like our girl amy has finally broken through the mainstream in a big way. just how will audiences deal with her infamous drunken antics and constant no-shows will be another story. just to celebrate, may i present this smooth grooved up version of the 4th single off her back to black album.]

Saturday, June 23, 2007

rufus wainwright - rules and regulations (world premiere)

rufus wainwright - rules and regulations [link 2]
[seems like my love for rufus knows no bounds! i just bought tickets to go see him AGAIN later this summer at central park. it's like a drug at this point.]

new video saturday: yeah yeah yeahs, the go team, lupe fiasco, david ford, kevin michael, young joc, mims vs rihanna

yeah yeah yeahs - down boy
[taken off their forthcoming EP isis, this awesome track was one of the b-sides recorded while they were on the road for their last tour. personally i think it deserves to be on a proper album!]

the go! team - grip like a vice [link 2]
[i have to admit that sometimes the soundclash of the go team really get on my nerves. but i still like em!]

lupe fiasco - he say she say
[love him!]

david ford - go to hell [link 2]
[it's been almost 2 years since singer/songwriter david ford's debut i sincerely apologise for all the things i've done was released. in between he's toured with kt tunstall, elvis costello and gomez. this song is the 1st release of his as yet untitled follow up album. can't wait!]

kevin michael - vicki secrets
[there's something kind of borderline twee about this artist, but then the groove and that smooth voice kicks in and all is forgiven.]

kevin michael - it don't make any difference to me
[more from this cutie patootie]

young joc - coffee shop [link 2]
[hot new song! thanks to ifmv for the tip]

mims vs rihanna - like this umbrella (tizwarz remix)
[i wasn't a big fan of the mims original, but somehow with rihanna as the background beat, it's not half bad!]

hear good music: monarch

surprisingly, baltimore based duo monarch (aka andy stack and jenn wasner) only started their musical collaboration last year. seemingly co-writing with ease, this multiple-instrumentalist young duo have the ability to make effortless gorgeous lush dreamy indie pop that evokes the good ol days when a wall of guitars could put you in a happy pensive mood.

released independently, their debut full length album "if children" is a confident 11 track collection that showcases monarch's dense rocked out sound that they surprisingly recreate on their live shows.
check out some highlights from the album and then take a look at a recent live performance below.

monarch - obituary [my fave track]
monarch - regret

monarch - family glue (live @ golden west cafe)
[check out andy as he plays both the drums AND keyboard at the same time!]

if you want to get their debut album, it's only available at gigs or if you contact them directly. so go support indie music and check out this talented duo at a venue listed below:
23 June 2007 : Columbus, OH @ The Screamer House w/ Wax & Wane
24 June 2007 : Morgantown, WV @ 213 Green St. Artspace w/ Wax & Wane
3 July 2007 : Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery w/ A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Thrushes
23 July 2007 : Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Marnie Stern

finally, read what baltimore paper city paper had to say about these kids here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

hype wongie: flagrant fowl's new cd coming out this summer

brooklyn based dj's cousin cole and pocketknife have been making the waves in the local club scene as purveyors of the fun party. but since i'm a social incompetent, what introduced me to them was a number of lovely remixes that made the rounds of indie tracks with subtle beats mixed in.

recently the awesome indie dance blog discobelle have been trumpeting the most recent cousin cole party mix. but the cos himself sent me a note saying that his collaboration with pocketknife, called flagrant fowl, will be releasing a massive album of 17 to 18 entirely folk/acoustic/indie remixes called tambourine dream late this summer!

as a tease for that album, here are some remixes done by pocketknife that will be featured on it (i can't wait for the full length!):
White Magic - The Gypsies Came Marching After (Pocketknife's Silk, Wool, and Rust Remix) [link 2]

Feist - Gatekeeper (Pocketknife's faded beach towel remix) [link 2]

remix baby: feist - 1234 (van she techonologic remix)

[feist by robert knoke]
feist - 1234 (van she technologic remix) [link 2]
[just read that my girl feist got playlisted on the influential bbc radio 2 as their single of the week (which also means that the uk will quickly jump on her lovetrain). add to that good news check out this grrr remix of 1234 by the awesome aussie band van she that landed in my inbox today! enjoy the weekend kids!]

Thursday, June 21, 2007

video of the week: mark ronson feat lily allen - oh my god

mark ronson feat lily allen - oh my god [link 2]
[wonderful 2nd single off of the covers album version, i'm kind of fascinated at how far animation has come in the past few years. back in the day, this video would have cost a fortune! who knew that animated lily allen would be so hot! btw, go to her blog and read some of her current entries, the girl is young and confused!]

partners in crime: kelly clarkson & reba mcentire

reba mcentire feat kelly clarkson - because of you [link 2]
[who'd have thought that one of country music's grand dames is having a part in helping out kelly clarksons currently tenuous career? not only that but this version ain't half bad! the video is wonderfully dramatic and kelly clarkson actually looks pretty. now why couldn't her upcoming album my december have some proper gems like this?]

kelly clarkson feat reba mcentire - since you been gone (live @ cmt crossroads) [link 2]
[seriously they should go on a co-headlining tour. moms and their daughters will bond the world over!]

kelly clarkson & reba mcentire - does he love you (live @ american idol 1st season finale)
[the first time they met... look at that hairdo on kelly!]

kelly clarkson gets locked out of her car just after having dinner with reba!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

guilty pleasure: kat deluna feat elephant man - whine up

kat deluna feat elephant man - whine up
kat deluna feat elephant man - whine up (spanish version) [link 2]
[there's like 4 genres going on in this song! it's like the producers were hoping that one element will connect with the people listening to it. they won! argh!!!! this will definitely be played on radio stations all summer long, but personally the spanish version doesn't weird me out as much. thanks to alis blog for the heads up]

rihanna - shut up and drive (world premiere)

rihanna - shut up and drive
[it's weird, but i hear a country cover version in the works for this song!]

mika - big girl (you are beautiful) (video premiere)

mika - big girl (you are beautiful) [link 2]
[i went to go see mika last week at the nokia theatre and this song was definitely one of the biggest songs of the evening. maybe this will be the track that will bring him into the US mainstream. thanks to popjustice for the video tip and pop music kingdom for the track.]

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

free itunes tracks: sara bareilles, findlay brown

our good ol friends over at itunes are giving out two wonderful tracks of wongie's favorite artists for free this week. so head on over and download them already!

sara bareilles - love song
UPDATE 6/22: watch a wonderful live performance of sara performing this lovely breezy summer hit here.

findlay brown - losing the will to survive (beyond the wizard's sleeve reanimation)

songs we like: soko - i'll kill her

soko - i'll kill her [link 2]
[oh the wacky world of french folk music. add a total ingenue sweetie with an angry internal monologue and you get one of the cutest broken heart anthems of the moment. personally i just love how soko pronounces the title as "i'll keeeeeeel her". check out a live performance (facing a mirror and all!) then if you dig what you hear, why not buy the ep from itunes here. thanks to diplo's blog for the tip!]

avril lavigne feat lil mama - girlfriend (remix) (video premiere)

avril lavigne feat lil mama - girlfriend (remix)
lil mama - lip gloss (krazy fiesta remix)
[personally i hate the snarky canuck, but i can't ignore the fact that this song is the most catchy AND annoying song of the year. this time avril gets a remix with lip gloss megastar lil mama (also featured in a remix with rihanna). this pint sized rapper seems to be everywhere and i kind of think that's a good thing! thanks to alis blog for the tip!]

Monday, June 18, 2007

free mp3: nick drake - blues run the game

nick drake - blues run the game
[nothing like a some bluesy folk melancholy to start off your monday! taken off his upcoming album family tree, this collection of unreleased b-sides and demos features a seemingly happy nick (pre fives leaves left) interacting with family members and doing cover versions of his favorite songs. it's amazing how his voice still manages to haunt me after all these years. thanks to filter magazine for the tip]

yo dance bitch dance: down aka kilo - lean like a cholo

down aka kilo - lean like a cholo
[this song is BIG! you'll either hate this song or just get in the moment and do it like the song says, "elbows up, side to side"]

choose the opening act for virgin festival 2007

yes as bigger festivals such as bonnaroo and lollapalooza are getting all the press, my appreciation for the festival newbie virgin festival continues to grow.

with a really wonderful spectrum of acts (amy winehouse vs MIA vs lcd soundsystem vs the police vs the smashing pumpkins!) virgin festival is now holding an online competition with MTV2 called book the band in which five indie 'buzz' bands duke it out to be the opening act for the festival based on your votes.

here are the nominees and well... my very skewed opinions on them.

aiden - we sleep forever
[any band that claims that hell is a nice place to visit doesn't really get my vote since that whole 'darkness rocks' thing is so 2005]

the higher - insurance
[this vegas act isn't sure if they want to entertain cabaret style or rock it out. i'm not sure if i like them either]

say anything - woe (acoustic)
[there's something kind of soulful about this punk rock band, which is probably why this band stands out against the dreck out there at the moment. plus there is a nice tone to the lead singer's voice]

mutemath - transformers (theme song)
[i actually like mutemath quite a bit and the fact that they got roped in to do the theme song to the transformers film is a total hoot!]

cold war kids - hang me out to dry
cold war kids - tonight, you belong to me (live, benefit at district 6)
[um... can you tell i saved the best for last? i just LOVE these boys! one of my fave bands of 2006 deserve to break into bigger and better things this year. vote for them already!]

Sunday, June 17, 2007

more new videos: cherry ghost, keren ann, just jack

cherry ghost - people help the people [link 2]
[as i mentioned a few days back, this is on serious loop for me the past few days. maybe it's the simplicity of the song, or the fact that it's little slice of americana channelled through a band from manchester. can't wait to check out their debut album thirst for romance next month!]

keren ann - lay your head down
[looking at her myspace page, frenchie keren ann is now an official new yorker. maybe that's why this song sounds very velvet underground-y to me. check out the 1st single taken off her self titled album. also, thanks to brooklyn vegan for the tip]

just jack - writer's block (seamus haji remix)
[a re-release of this wonderful single, now set to the remix of seamus haji. i'm kind of a fan of the original, but if this means more mainstream success, then so be it!]

Saturday, June 16, 2007

new video saturday: reverend and the makers, emily haines, timbaland, example, mark ronson feat daniel merriweather, ali love, nelly furtado, madonna

reverend and the makers - heavyweight champion of the world
[one of my favorite songs at the moment, the video is a tad old, but you can just deal!]

emily haines - doctor blind
[metric's lead singer taps into her singer songwriter roots and comes out with a melancholic and damn creepy video to boot!!]

timbaland feat keri hilson, sebastian and d.o.e. - the way i are
[there's nothing like going to a crowded place and then watching the room go a bit funky when a good song comes on. last night this song was in full effect over at my local den and damn, did the room go mad for it! thanks to ali's blog for the video tip.]

example - i don't want to
[cool fun summer song by a new uk rapper that just got playlisted on bbc radio 1]

mark ronson feat daniel merriweather - stop me (dirty south remix) (HOTT!!!!)
[this song is old news here on wongie's music world, but check out the HOT new dirty south remix and international video that was commisioned to break the US]

ali love - secret sunday lover
[with newfound exposure as the vocals on the current chemical brothers single, will this retro disco track finally be the breakout song for ali? all signs point to yes!]

sondre lerche - phantom punch
[my, how a few years can change an artist. when sondre first came onto the scene he was a cute boy that made sweet gentle retro dittys. now a few years later, he's a cute boy that's living out his retro rock god instead. no worries, it's all good.]

nelly furtado - in god's hands
[the song is pleasant, nelly looks gorgeous, but is it just me or does this sound perfect for a show like dawson's creek (if the creek was still around)?]

madonna - hey you [link 2]
[how did madonna and pharrell make one of the most boring songs of the year? ugh! just remember to make pledges to change the way you live now]

Friday, June 15, 2007

bloc party - hunting for witches (world premiere)

bloc party - hunting for witches (rac remix)
[single number 3 for the bloc party boys. not as exciting as the first two releases, but i think this rac remix does the trick! thanks to stereogum for the remix!]

jools holland approved: adele, ben westbeech, cherry ghost, air traffic, shy child, richard swift, bellowhead

for the past 15 years, musician jools holland has been the bandleader and host to an amazing bbc musical program called later with jools holland.

bringing together some of the biggest names in music mixed in with a collection of up and coming buzz acts, later has become THE show to be invited to perform on.

i've gathered some new and exciting artists from the most recent series that both you and i should really come to know:

adele - daydreamer (demo) (live on later with jools holland) [mp3]
[what a gorgeous voice!]

ben westbeech - so good today (yorba suite mix)
[smooth soulful vocals that deserve to be heard!]

ben westbeech - hang around
ben westbeech & dj die - get closer (lovers remix)

cherry ghost - people help the people (live on later with jools holland)
[can't explain this, but i'm obsessed with this song at the moment!]

air traffic - just abuse me (live on later with jools holland)
[any guy that plays the piano in a rock band is a plus on my side.]

air traffic - shooting star

shy child - drop the phone
[brooklyn in the house!]

shy child - the noise won't stop

richard swift - song for national freedom (live on later with jools holland)
[nice singer songwriter. gonna have to do more research of this guy]

richard swift - kisses for the misses

bellowhead - rigs of the times (live on later with jools holland)
[this is totally folky, but there's something about the gypsy style band that draws me in.]

live wongie: bjork on later with jools holland

bjork - earth intruders (live on later with jools holland)

bjork - declare independance (live on later with jools holland)
[i have to admit that when i first heard this song on volta, i wasn't into it at all. but now after watching this performance, the song is f**king kick ass!]

bjork - the anchor song (live on later with jools holland)
[forgot how much i like this song. so glad she decided to sing it again.]

jools holland chats with bjork

beastie boys - the gala event (video premiere)

beastie boys - the gala event
[first single to be taken off the all intrumental album the mix up, the beastie boys have suggested that there will be a follow up album in which vocals will be added by a surprise array of artists. can't wait for that project! thanks again to ifmv for the video tip]

copying is the biggest form of flattery: james yorkston vs morvern caller

james yorkston - the hills and the heath
[taken off of james yorkston's collection of b-sides and rare recordings called roaring the gospel, this lovely video totally reminds me of the final sequence from one of my all time favorite movies morvern callar. check out the similarities and tell me i'm not making this up! thanks to ifmv for the tip.]

morvern callar - final scene
[if you've never seen this film, go out and buy the dvd now! it's definitely one of my all time favorite movies AND it cemented my love of samantha morton.]

news flash: kelly clarkson cancels tour

it's official, after firing her management team a few days ago, kelly clarkson cancels the summer tour that was probably a main factor of her current drama.

hopefully this also means that her album will be retooled with some new songs. label boss clive davis, please work some magic!

btw, here is the direct quote from her website:

"I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to getting out there to perform for y'all. In the craziness of the music business, performing is what I look forward to doing the most, so it really is disappointing for me to have to tell you that I won't be coming out to tour this summer. The fact is that touring is just too much too soon.

But I promise you that we're going to get back out there as soon as is humanly possible to give you a show that will be even better.

Thanks for all of your love and continued support."

— Kelly

[thanks to alis blog for the news flash]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

live wongie: metal skool feat. pink, ryan key (yellowcard) and kelly clarkson

for metal heads of LA, the longest running metal parody band metal skool has been entertaining the crowds weekly for years. made up of musicians and comedians, the real identities of the act are overshadowed by the weekly onstage drama between alter egos Stix Zadinia, Satchel, Michael Starr and Lexxi Foxxx.

since the show is completely live and sponteaneous, a few celebrity fans have shown up to watch the rocked-out gigs and have unwillingly been pulled onstage to perform with the band.

you gotta see these:

Metal Skool and Pink

[with an introduction by juliette lewis, the awesome pink performs skid row's "18 and life". thanks to perez hilton for the intro.]

Kelly Clarson sings with Metal Skool!!

[definitely before all her current drama, kelly clarkson gets pulled up onstage and proves that even in a bit of a drunken stage, she has one of the best voices around! can't say the same about ryan key from yellowcard...]

weekly additions: pete tong's fast trax

pete tong fast trax - 6/14/07
[featuring the sunfreakz, martijn ten velden and an interview with hot dj's tiefschwarz]

pete tong fast trax - 6/7/07
[featuring bob sinclar, freeform five, david guetta and an interview with martijn ten velden]

justin timberlake - lovestoned / i think she knows (full video)

justin timberlake - lovestoned /i think she knows (interlude)
[other blogs have put this video up for the past few days, but i've been holding out for the FULL version to pop up online. well, here it is, in all it's blue bar glory. i wasn't that big of a fan of this song the first time around, but it's totally won me over, especially with that gorgeous interlude!]

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

gay gay gay: kylie - white diamond (teaser trailer)

kylie - white diamond (teaser trailer)
[check out the closing credits to her upcoming documentary called 'white diamond' directed by william baker. she looks FABULOUS!]

robyn feat kleerup - with every heartbeat (video premiere)

robyn feat kleerup - with every heartbeat (tong and spoon wonderland remix) [link 2]
[one of my favorite songs of 2006 gets a re-release through robyn's self-titled album. the new video sees a distressed robyn literally smushed by the obstacles around her. is this love? gosh, i hope not... thanks to popjustice for the video tip]

hear good music: sara bareilles

i have to admit that whenever i get a pr push for a yet another singer/songwriter, i tend to approach the artist with a bit of caution. but in the case of california gal sara bareilles, her smooth soulful alto (yes she was an acapella geek like me!) draws you in so fast that you find yourself a fan pretty quickly.

it actually took a pre-requisite college journey abroad that inspired sara back to her creative musical longings. the italian trip re-introduced her to the piano (which she hated playing while growing up) and also was the inspiration for many of the songs that you hear on her major label debut little voice.

according to xolondon, sara went through a major bump in her career with another label over creative differences. thank goodness her current label is on the same page with handling her dynamic voice (think fiona apple meets sarah maclachlan with a bit of lovely 70's inspired musicality thrown in).

natural and honest, try to check out sara on tour with mika at the moment:
6/12 Washington, D.C. @ 9:30 Club
6/13 Boston, MA @ Avalon Ballroom
6/15 New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
6/17 Miami, FL @ Studio A

then with rocco deluca in july:
7/03 Tempe, AZ @ Clubhouse
7/06 Los Angeles, CA @Henry Fonda Theatre
7/08 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
7/09 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
7/13 Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
7/14 Seattle, WA @The Showbox
7/20 Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music Cafe
7/21 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
7/22 Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue
7/24 St. Louis, MO @ Duck Room
7/25 Cincinnati, OH @ 20th Century Theatre
7/27 Detroit, MI @ St. Andrew's Hall
7/29 Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
7/31 New York, NY @The Bowery Ballroom

if you like what you hear, remember you can buy her EP for only a $1.99 on itunes.

sara bareilles - love song (live @ pctv, sundance film festival)
[catchy ditty but i'm even more impressed that she managed to make this potentially dorky appearance into a gem!]

sara bareilles - gravity (live @ fillmore, san francisco) [link 2]
[this song is amazing! probably the tune that will bring her the largest fanbase.]

love love love: roisin murphy

with a late summer release of her new album (allegedly titled 'overpowered'), roisin murphy is gearing up for some serious adulation from fans all over the hipster world.

hailed as an IT girl of the uk scene, roisin not only looks the part, but her quirky musical style continues to surprise those who have followed her from the mid 90's moloko days.

though commercial breakthrough came in the form of a boris dlugosch remix, the lessons learned from that crossover allowed roisin and her then partner mark brydon to experiment more within the context of popular music. since going solo, roisin has come up with a sound that is not quite dance, not quite indie, not quite soul, but somehow all these little pieces form an exciting unique artist.

can you tell i'm a fan? check out the 1st release from her upcoming album.

roisin murphy - overpowered
[this video is totally hilarious! turns out being a superstar is just another day in the life of a bus taking, chip eating, laundry cleaning diva. thanks to xolondon and popjustice for the tip!]

while we're on a roisin lovejones, i thought i'd pull up some video oldies that i adore from this woman:

moloko - familiar feeling
[i can watch this video on loop forever! something about paddy considine and roisin at the sock hop just makes me want to get up and spin. love the live singalong in some scenes!]

moloko - forever more
[more sweet dancing. this time in a lonely love tunnel! hypnotic and dark, songs like this remind me why i love dance music so much!]

m.i.a. - boyz (world premiere)

m.i.a. - boyz
[it's a neon explosion as mia comes up with a hot follow up to bird flu. i can't wait for the album to drop!]

quick review: kelly clarkson - my december

so this is what 'suck' sounds like. the album leaked last friday and all the rumours about it being a hitless collection (that label boss clive davis tried to have re-recorded) is true. it's a real shame since i do count myself as a fan of kelly. but nothing on this album has the immediacy of a 'since you been gone' or the dramatics of 'because of you'.

like i said, a real shame.

UPDATE: turns out kelly clarkson had issues with the release of her album too. she just sacked her manager jeff kwatinetz (who was rumored to be pressuring kelly to release the album as soon as possible in order to coincide with a summer tour). read all about it from US weekly.

Friday, June 08, 2007

hear good music: great lakes myth society

the michigan musical collective great lakes myth society formed in 2003 after the demise of their previous incarnation the original brothers and sisters of love.

part folk rock, part americana with hints of british 80's thrown in, the group consistently surprises me with their out of nowhere harmonies and wonderful arrangements. i can't wait to get my grubby hands on their upcoming album compass rose bouquet (especially after hearing the songs "march" and "heydeys" on their myspace site). i'm definitely a new fan!

check out some stuff by these boys:
great lakes myth society - debutante
[totally reminds me of the pogues! not usually my thing, but that aforementioned harmony just draws me in.]

great lakes myth society - across the bridge
great lakes myth society - isabella county, 1992
[taken from their self titled 2005 album]

if you like what you hear and you're in the NYC area, check out glms (as their fans call them) at the following venues:

June 15th, 2007 @ 8pm
The Creek & The Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

June 16th, 2007 @ 10pm
Union Hall
702 Union St. at 5th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215

more new videos: namie amuro, a fine frenzy, norah jones, the polyphonic spree, paul mccartney

namie amuro - hide and seek
[one of japan's biggest female j-pop singers releases the first single from her upcoming album play. though i'm not usually tipped on all things japanese, namie is kind of majorly big with fans of jpop and this single is just too darn catchy to ignore... (and no, i don't speak japanese)]

a fine frenzy - almost lover ( live performance) [link 2]
[personally, i'm kind of excited to get ahold of a fine frenzy's debut album one cell in the sea (due mid july) based on what i've heard on her myspace page. as you can see from this performance, the girl is pretty darn good live. so i'm kind of sold at this point...]

norah jones - until the end
[it's kind of weird now that i've seen norah during the press conference to her acting debut for my blueberry nights. basically she's kind of young and goofy, which totally doesn't reflect the music that she sings. perhaps one day she'll record an album that fits the true norah.]

the polyphonic spree - running away
[gosh a video made of 70,000 photos. i've got a headache just thinking about it!]

paul mccartney - dance tonight
[just the fact that michel gondry directed this video is worth the watch alone.]

Thursday, June 07, 2007

video of the week: rodrigo y gabriela - diablo rojo

rodrigo y gabriela - diablo rojo
[sometimes you just want to see musicianship at it's best. rodrigo y gabriela is a co-ed mexican duo by way of dublin, ireland no less. making quite a buzz at sxsw, the duo combines elements of flamenco, mariachi, jazz, classical and of course heavy metal into their sound. the final result is something quite magical if you ask me. check out this masterful duo performing this song that was apparently inspired by a roller coaster! thanks to videostatic for the tip! if you like what you hear, buy their self titled album now!]

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the leak: kelly clarkson - sober

kelly clarkson - sober
[i like this power ballad... but i have to say that something is missing. just not quite right. maybe it's the over repetition of three months over and over again. three months... three months... three months...]