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Monday, August 22, 2016

NEW FRANK OCEAN!: frank ocean - nikes

frank ocean - nikes
we offered up frank ocean's visual album 'endless' last week and then in less than 24 hours, the singer/songwriter released another album 'blonde' with the accompanying 'nikes' video as the official first release. dreamy and loose, the whole album is a fascinating creative experiment that deserves multiple listens. either way, it's a massive welcome back that we will be breaking down in the weeks to come!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

FIRST LISTEN: frank ocean - endless (album preview)

frank ocean - endless (album preview)
though everyone was waiting last week for it to happen, frank ocean took his time to quietly release his new collection of songs under the title of 'endless'. featuring a slew of guests from radiohead's jonny greenwood to james blake, frank streamed the new tracks on his website via an installation piece where the singer/songwriter went ahead and built himself a sculpture made of boxes. does any of this make sense? who cares! we got new frank ocean stuff!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

NEW CL!: cl - lifted

cl - lifted
one of the biggest problems of kpop superstar CL's foray into international waters is that she is packaged so perfectly to become a star (the clothes! the swagger! the dave meyers video! the method man cameo!) that they kind of forgot the most important thing about it all... the songs! though her new single 'lifted' comes the closest to crossover success (the siren hook and the reggae grooves are pretty fun), but it's still a tad lite on the m.i.a./sass pop front. maybe this'll be a grower?

REEEMIX: m.i.a. - bird song (diplo remix)

m.i.a. - bird song (diplo remix)
well looks like hell hath frozen over as mia & diplo have buried the hatchet and released a fun new remix of her current single 'bird song' (not without some behind the scenes drama with her label). claiming this is her last ever album, the reunion of the ex's does allow her career to come full circle if this is the case. either way, it's a perk for the fans!

Friday, August 12, 2016

WONGIE FOLK SONG OF THE WEEK: the lumineers - nobody knows (pete's dragon OST)

the lumineers - nobody knows (pete's dragon OST)
sometimes you just need a sweet gentle song to make your weekend ever so nicer. co-written by the screenwriter of pete's dragon (with sentiments to match the new film no less) the lumineers continue their streak of putting out lovely tunes for their fans. nice one this!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016


d/c - badman (live @ mahogany session)
nothing like discovering a new soulful singer songwriter from the UK through this wonderful self penned track. just listening to daniel caplen's (aka d/c) gravelly storied voice telling his story of redemption through this gospel tinged gem is worth our collective love. definitely one to keep on our radar!

wanna hear the studio version of badman (and some other lovely tracks?), click on the soundcloud player below:

WONGIE DISCOVERY: betsy - lost and found

betsy - lost and found
there's something fascinating about the buzzy welsh pop lass betsy. visually rooted in classic 80's fashion tropes (think helmut newton) and dipping her sound in retro indie dance themes (massive attack meets billie ray martin) the end result is this insanely catchy new single that i've had on repeat all weekend long (i mean that string hook!). throw in her thick cabaret vocals and you've got a very fabulous left of center new act that you'll be hearing alot about the 2nd half of 2016.

Friday, July 22, 2016

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: troye sivan feat alessia cara - wild

troye sivan feat alessia cara - wild
two of my fave acts of 2015 join together to re-record troye sivan's single 'wild' and it's lush!!! after spending much of the past year covering each others songs on various shows, the duo got together to rework this track with a new verse by alessia and adding some sweet harmonies into the mix. just when you thought it couldn't get more loverly, this duet defo does the job! love this!!
now check out the covers below:

troye sivan - here (alessia cara cover)

alessia cara - youth (troye sivan cover)

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: kda feat tinashe - just say

kda feat tinashe - just say
OMG this kda house tune with it's progressive tribal beats is the perfect dance song i've heard in ages! throw in tinashe's smooth vocals and you've got a massive club smash on your hands. it's SO good!! turn it up!!

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: francis and the lights feat kanye west & bon iver - friends

francis and the lights feat kanye west & bon iver - friends
directed by filmmaker jake schreier (paper towns), this minimalist video showcases francis farewell starlite (aka francis and the lights) with his friends bon iver and kanye doing some choice dancing. oh and the song is damn awesome too!

WONGIE DANCE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: dj snake feat george maple - talk

dj snake feat george maple - talk
reworking aussie producer/dj george maple's wonderful 2014 single 'talk talk' into a summer jam, dj snake once again brings his magic touch to mass love. it's a worldwide hit and destined to be played well into the fall. we loved the song back then, we defo LOVE the song now!

WONGIE COVER OF THE WEEK: betty who - i love you always forever

betty who - i love you always forever
aussie pop gal betty who covers donna lewis' 1996 classic and reminds us how perfect this gentle song has been from day 1. throw in a pan cuddle party and you've got a something perfect for 2016. bring on the ahhhhs!

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: jarryd james feat broods - 1000x

jarryd james feat broods - 1000x
[UPDATE: now with new video!] what a lovely duet between jarryd james and georgia nott of broods! feeling very end credits of a soundtrack, this track also kicks off new album material from the australian singer songwriter which will hopefully come out in the fall. swoon!

since we're on a update kick, check out this soulful album cut from the upcoming 'high' that is pretty darn awesome:

jarryd james - sure love

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: major lazer feat justin bieber & MØ - cold water

major lazer feat justin bieber & - cold water
looks like we have a strong new contender for song of the summer as this mid tempo pop number by major lazer with justin bieber and MØ is all sorts of good! teased for the past week, the song FINALLY is available for you to download/stream today. yes please!!

Friday, July 15, 2016

WONGIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: snakehips feat zayn - cruel

snakehips feat zayn - cruel
oh my gosh, the new snakehips with zayn track is IT! like i can't get over how 90's soultastic it is! this kind of proves that the snakehips duo are not only two of the coolest producers out at the moment, but zayn is just completely right on with his smart collaborations as a solo artist. yeah this is good repeat again stuff!

AUDIO PREMIERE: britney spears feat g-eazy - make me

britney spears feat g-eazy - make me
oh damn! this burns produced new track for britney spears is actually good... like REALLY good! by the time the harmonious chorus kicks in, i'm totally sold on this hopefully new direction of our pop princess. please don't release anything with the word 'bitch' in it ever again!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

AUDIO PREMIERE: james vincent mcmorrow - rising water

james vincent mcmorrow - rising water
irish singer songwriter (and wongie favorite) returns with brand new material leading up to his new album 'we move' coming out in the fall. sounding confident and more upbeat, james camped out in toronto to work with the team behind drake and revised his musical approach where his subtle quiver seems to be gone for the time being. basking in the minimal arrangement, there's a joy here that i haven't heard in james' sound before. me likey!!

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: local natives - villainy

local natives - villainy
sometimes a song just finds you, upon pressing 'shuffle' on my carmix, this brilliant swirling electropop gem shows up and entrances me for it's whole play. the layered textures of this song is just magical making me SUPER excited to hear what else this LA based indie band have up their sleeve for their upcoming album. yeah this is good stuff!

Monday, June 27, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: rihanna - sledgehammer (star trek: beyond OST)

rihanna - sledgehammer (star trek: beyond OST)
after hinting about this last week, rihanna officially released the main theme song for the upcoming star trek film (the 13th!!) called 'sledgehammer'. the over the top production and vocals can only mean it's a sia and co. track. perhaps within the context of the credits, this song will be fun to listen to, but for now it's just ALOT.

Friday, June 24, 2016

WONGIE REMIX OF THE WEEK: gavin james - nervous (the ooh song / mark mccabe remix)

gavin james - nervous (the ooh song / mark mccabe remix)
oh my gosh i LOVE this remix from gavin's album 'bitter pill', easily an album highlight this remix might just turn the ballad into a massive crossover smash of the summer (not that i'm one for big statements!)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

WONGIE DUET OF THE WEEK: troye sivan & alessia cara - wild

troye sivan & alessia cara - wild
after a long standing lovefest covering each others songs, troye sivan has gotten alessia cara to offer up a new verse for his album favorite 'wild' which officially comes out this weekend as a "remix". the song is still a gem and now with alessia on harmony, it's just even more lush!

WONGIE DISOVERY: declan mckenna - bethlehem / brazil / paracetamol

at the very young age of 17, declan mckenna has gone from unknown competition winner to a major label artist with critical acclaim as a wise songwriter that covers topics from the corruption of FIFA (brazil), the life of transgender youth (paracetamol) and how religion is the cause of war (bethlehem). taylor swift he is not! one can only imagine what other interesting perspectives declan has on the world around him, but for now it's darn fascinating to experience whats out already. one to watch indeed!

declan mckenna - bethlehem

declan mckenna - brazil

declan mckenna - paracetamol

WONGIE INDIE SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: barns courtney - hands / fire

barns courtney - hands
after finding his music held up indefinitely from a bad recording contract, barnaby "barns" courtney finally found traction with his music when a certain harvey weinstein personally chose his "fire" demo and placed it in the 2015 film 'burnt'. that placement and subsequent US charting led to a new record label and now FINALLY a debut album for the bluesy rockster. definitely one to watch this year!

wanna hear the song that re-ignited barn's music career?

barns courtney - fire

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: beyonce - sorry

beyonce - sorry
co-directed by kahlil joseph & beyonce, 'sorry' is easily one of the standout tracks off the 'lemonade' album and caused the biggest internet chatter about "becky with the good hair". but like much of the tracks off the album, there lies a lingering sadness that overshadows the whole collection, even in a F you anthem like this one, which is probably why people love these tracks so. oh and tennis superstar serena williams likes to bounce yo!

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: bastille - good grief

bastille - good grief
[update: spanish collective nysu offer up a surreal twisted video for bastille's comeback single and it's bizarre and kind of amazing! enjoy!!]
it's the return of bastille!!! dan smith and co have come up with an insta singalong track perfectly teasing their upcoming album 'wild world'. this is turning out to be a wonderful week of new summer music don't you think!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

NEW PASSENGER!: passenger - somebody's love

passenger - somebody's love
with little hype, mike rosenberg aka passenger, released the 1st single taken off his upcoming new album 'young as the morning, old as the sea' to his massive fan base over the weekend. shot in iceland, the video reflects the organic earthiness of the new single which is a nice change to the acoustic guitar that we now associate his sound to (there's a steel guitar in this track!). looking forward to hearing more!

WONGIE ACOUSTIC SONG OF THE WEEK: billie marten - la lune

billie marten - la lune
for a 17 year old, the releases of singer / songwriter billie marten are all pretty incredible. with such confidence in her songwriting, her latest is a teaser track for her upcoming debut album which is already shaping up to be one of the more solid collections of the year. damn this girl is great!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


birdy - words
as the official 3rd single off her album 'beautiful lies', i have to admit that i haven't been as vocal about these releases as i've been of birdy's work in the past. call it a case of good music that just falls by the wayside of 'sexier' releases, but every time i hear tracks from this album i think to myself 'i must talk about it', then forget. well... forget no more as the latest track is a gorgeous ballad (co-written by aussie conrad sewell) that showcases the 20 year old's maturing confidence in her vocal styles. i gotta say, i've been playing this a few times already!

but don't think I haven't been listening to birdy, for those following my carmix 2016, you'll be well versed in these lovely remixes of birdy tracks below (which i've been listening to more than the originals)

birdy - wild horses (matrix & futurebound remix)

birdy - keeping your head up (jonas blue remix)

birdy - wild horses (sam feldt remix)

WONGIE CHILL SONG OF THE WEEK: maggie rogers - alaska

maggie rogers - alaska
after blowing away pharrell williams at a music nyu masterclass (to which the video went viral), singer songwriter maggie rogers releases her meditative dancey folky spacey number to the masses and got herself immediately into the apple itunes charts and spotify fresh music list. it's amazing how we can all discover music these days!

if you wanna see the critique that had pharrell all excited, check it out below:

maggie rogers / pharrell williams NYU masterclass song critique (start at 18'15")

Monday, June 20, 2016

WONGIE COLLABORATION OF THE WEEK: mumford & sons, baaba maal, the very best, beatenberg - wona

mumford & sons, baaba maal, the very best, beatenberg - wona
recorded over a two day period while on tour in south africa, mumford & sons gathered together the amazingly talented baaba maal, the very best and beatenberg to write the just released EP johannesburg. treating it like a creative summit, the tracks from this session are at once celebratory of everyone's differences and the power of how music really has no language barrier. to be honest, i haven't been excited about mumford & sons in awhile, but this collection gives me much hope of their musical direction and openness.

wanna hear more? check out this live version of there will be time from the wonderful johannesburg EP:

mumford & sons, baaba maal and the very best - there will be time (live in south africa)

NEW CHRISTINA AGUILERA: christina aguilera - change

christina aguilera - change
with christina originally gearing up to release new material, she has held off her plans for the time being to release this powerful single with all proceeds going to the victims families of the orlando shooting. it's a beautiful message that she dedicates to all those who perished and are affected by the events at the pulse club last weekend. if you want to donate directly please go to this link.

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: usher - crash

usher - crash
after some re-jigging with his delayed album 'flawed', usher released this subdued mid tempo soul number with little fanfare last week. because of the subtlety of the track, 'crash' does feel like 'climax' pt 2, which is a good thing since it was one of my fave songs of 2012 and this jam might just end up on this years list considering the amount of times i've played this song today! directed by christopher sims it's awesome to also see usher doing some beautiful dancing in the video. just great stuff all around!

Friday, June 17, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: calvin harris feat rihanna - this is what you came for

calvin harris feat rihanna - this is what you came for
they're baaack! the hit making duo meet up once again with this fluffy dance number that'll sell like hotcakes cause it's just so damn easy to singalong to. riri looks amazing as usual and calvin barely makes an appearance smartly allowing the pop diva to steal all the visual glory in this simple yet dynamic video by emil nava. it's friday, what more do you want!

DANCE BITCH DANCE: poté - katz

poté - katz
london based dj/producer poté offers up this wonderfully tribal house number for your weekend! it's percussion heavy with a lovely dose of deep house just to get your boogie butt going. happy friday people!

WONGIE HOUSE SONG OF THE WEEK: hayden james - just a lover

hayden james - just a lover
almost a year ago hayden james released his house smash (and wongie 2015 year end fave) 'something about you' to worldwide acclaim. now the aussie dj/producer is gearing up for a debut release with this house number that's just as hypnotic and lush as his previous hit (plus it ends with a lovely piano solo that just reeks of class). love this!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: hozier - better love (the legend of tarzan OST)

hozier - better love (the legend of tarzan OST)
check out our hozier as he releases this epic ballad for the upcoming big budget action adventure 'the legend of tarzan' starring alexander skarsgard. written in just 3 weeks after seeing a rough cut of the film, hozier roped in collaborators from his debut album to craft this orchestral love song which totally keeps the singer's essence while matching the largeness of the film. until his next album comes out, this definitely is a wonderful in-between piece for us fans.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WONGIE SUMMER JAM SONG OF THE WEEK: lion babe - endless summer

lion babe - endless summer
collaborating with a few friends (including singer joel compass), this summer jam is filled with beautiful latin / flamenco grooves with a hella beachy chorus that you'll be smiling along to with the top down hopefully! taken off their upcoming mixtape sun joint, i can't wait to hear what other fun tracks they have for this release!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NEW DISCLOSURE: disclosure - moog for love EP (moog for love / boss / feel like i do)

disclosure surprised their fans today with the release of their latest EP 'moog for love' which features collaborations with dj eats everything and also sampling the legendary al green. more like extended groove players, the three tracks below are definitely more instrumental fare that don't necessarily fit into the structure of their long players. all good cause we are always excited to hear what the lawrence brothers have up their sleeves!

disclosure & eats everything - moog for love

disclosure - boss

disclosure & al green - feel like i do

WONGIE SOUL JAM OF THE WEEK: sg lewis feat gallant - holding back

sg lewis feat gallant - holding back
what a gorgeous spatial soulful world sg lewis has created for his brand new single 'holding back' with US artist gallant. the UK dj/producer world premiered the song over on bbc radio 1xtra yesterday and kicks off new material in hopes for a proper debut album. it's been on serious repeat and so should be the same for you too!

Monday, June 13, 2016

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: MØ - final song / kamikaze

- final song
yeah this is a damn near perfect slice of indie pop from the danish singer MØ. after gaining worldwide fame with her major lazer collab "lean on", this mnek/noonie bao collab should be just the mix to bring this cool chick into the mainstream in her own right (though i felt her previous single 'kamikaze' could have done the trick... oh well). we love!!!

btw, if you've never heard last years 1st single produced by diplo, check it out below, it's just as catchy and damn good!

MØ - kamikaze


jaded - 4000hz
nothing but fun big beat booty shaking here by the trio of nari, teo & jordan aka jaded. based in london this dj/production team have come up with a happy jam reminiscent of early basement jaxx which is always a good thing to honor. short and sweet, turn this mother up and boogie!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

WONGIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: mnek - at night (i think about you)

mnek - at night (i think about you)
with a great 2015 under his belt, 21 year old singer/songwriter/producer uzoechi emenike (aka mnek) releases his 1st single of of 2016 and it's going to be another smash. believe it or not this also sets up his debut album (where did all his previous hits come from?) which is due later this year. kicking off another year of hits, this is a good one to be associated with.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: justin bieber - company

justin bieber - company
easily a fan favorite since his album 'purpose' came out, justin finally releases this breezy number just in time for the summer. a frontrunner for song of summer 2016? sure why not!


i'm off on a work trip (i have a day job yo!) but keep coming back to the site as i'll still be posting some big releases throughout when i get the chance! OH and remember to follow the carmix 2016 for the complete soundtrack to new songs and things i'm obsessed about!

Friday, June 03, 2016

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: kungs vs cookin' on 3 burners feat kylie auldist - this girl

kungs vs cookin' on 3 burners feat kylie auldist - this girl
reworking the retro soulness of cookin' on 3 burners' original track, 19 year old kungs has crafted an instant summer jam that captures every single wedding/conga line/beach anthem/birthday/dad dancing essence in one go. it's completely cheesy and perfect and easily a frontrunner for song of summer 2016!

want to hear the original? check out the original version by cookin' on 3 burners:

cookin' on 3 burners feat kylie auldist - this girl

Thursday, June 02, 2016

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: alan walker feat iselin solheim - sing me to sleep

alan walker feat iselin solheim - sing me to sleep
with 'faded' still running it's worldwide smash hit course of action (27 top 10 charts and counting), the rest of us now get to hear alan walker's follow up once again collaborating with the sweet vocals of iselin solheim. throw in the fact that the video is shot in my hometown of hong kong and well... i likey!

since we're still fans of the debut single 'faded' check out the strings version of the single that kick started the big year for alan:

alan walker feat iselin solheim - faded (restrung)

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: shura - what's it gonna be

shura - what's it gonna be
with her debut album 'nothing's real' coming out early next month, uk indie pop gal shura continues her celebration of all things 80's with not only a wonderful new single but a perfectly john hughes-esque video by director chloe wallace with a bit of a modern twist. love it!

Friday, May 27, 2016

AUDIO PREMIERE: jessie ware - till the end (me before you OST)

jessie ware - till the end (me before you OST)
though it's not an official return of jessie ware, this new track from the upcoming rom weepy, me before you, is a nice reminder of how much we are anticipating new material! gosh we heart jessie so much!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: ariana grande - into you

ariana grande - into you
after some disappointing releases from the ariana grande camp, it looks like the lil diva has finally found herself a sure fire pop smash that'll play well into the summer. nothing new on the songwriting front, this 2nd single is purely a crowd pleasing jam for the season. love it!