Thursday, October 31, 2019


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Monday, October 08, 2018

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: alessia cara - trust my lonely

alessia cara - trust my lonely
the second single off her upcoming 'the pains of growing' album, our gal alessia goes for a playful reggae tinged number that somehow makes breaking up one of the best things to do! love it!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A STAR IS BORN OST: lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow / look what i've found

[10/9 new video!!!] lady gaga - look what i've found
if you're not already listening to the soundtrack that came out over the weekend, then this is a good track to give you an idea of the different kinds of sounds our girl 'ally' will be performing in the film. channeling some carole king, this is a fun jam that actually sounds better and better a few times played over. yeah... i'm a fan.

lady gaga & bradley cooper - shallow (a star is born OST)
for those of us fortunate enough to see a star is born already, the experience of watching these two perform on stage for the first time is a naturally tear inducing moment that kicks off their adventure/tragedy ahead. so FINALLY getting to hear 'shallow' again is not only a beautiful thing, but it reminds me how much i loved this film (which all of you will get to see oct 5th!!) goosebumps!

Friday, September 07, 2018

4 NEW HOZIER SONGS!!!: hozier - nina cried power (feat mavis staples) / shrike / moment's silence (common tongue) / NFWMB

after a 4 year wait, fans of hozier FINALLY gets new music in the form of the 'nina cried power EP' featuring 4 songs that showcase a wonderful tease of what his upcoming album is going to sound like. delving into a more soulful rootsier sound for some of the tracks, the irish singer/songwriter still has a lovely knack for powerful impactful songs. welcome back it's been way too long!

[UPDATED with video] hozier feat mavis staples - nina cried power

hozier - shrike

hozier - moments silence (common tongue)

hozier - NFWMB

Thursday, August 16, 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: christine and the queens - 5 dollars

christine and the queens - 5 dollars
continuing her visual dive into masculinity tropes, the awesome heloise letissier (aka christine and the queens) goes into american gigalo mode as 'they' prepare for work. ironically the song is a sweet synth pop number which makes what will transgress even more interesting. love it all!!

Friday, August 03, 2018

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: drake - in my feelings

drake - in my feelings
i'm actually really surprised that drake went and made a video for his #1 viral smash 'in my feelings'. with twitter/instagram filled with videos of the dance challenge, the song went from album track to crossover hit instantly and could have been left at just a collection made by fans of the song. instead, drake did the classy thing (again) with director karena evans by bringing on dj/comedian shiggy (who did the dance in the first place), featuring yung miami of the city girls (jt is currently serving a sentence) and even celebrating big freedia who helped nudge his 'nice for what' into a smash hit. plus we get to see drake do some acting with phylicia rashad and la la anthony! all in all it's a celebration and we love him for it!

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: matt corby - no ordinary life

matt corby - no ordinary life
after a two year absence aussie singer/songwriter (and wongie fave) returns with the highly psychedelic single 'no ordinary life' channeling some serious willy wonka inspirations. what's also wonderful is that the beautiful song is a vocally subtle number that doesn't feature matt doing the soaring vocals that we've all come to love and expect. looks like this new album will be an adventure for all of us! yaay!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

WONGIE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: the internet - la di da

the internet - la di da
after releasing their excellent album 'hive mind' last week, the internet put out an official video for their album highlight 'la di da' which is the best vibe of the late summer! just lean back and enjoy this awesomely chill jam will ya!

Friday, July 13, 2018

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: ariana grande - god is a woman

ariana grande - god is a woman
the beautiful images that director dave meyers offers up for ariana's new single is endless! throw in a monologue read by madonna midway and you've got the best video you'll see this week! so good!

Friday, July 06, 2018

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: years & years - palo santo (short film)

years & years - palo santo (short film)
after giving us snippets from single releases, olly and his director fred rowson offer up the full 15 mins short film which features dame judi dench and ben whishaw in the mix. sit back, press play, get into the world where androids force humans to perform erotic cabarets for their pleasure 'palo santo' style!

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: christine and the queens - doesn't matter

christine and the queens - doesn't matter
this is the boppiest existential pop song i've heard in awhile! christine and the queens offer up their new single 'doesn't matter', also announcing that her new album 'chris' will be released sept 21st in both english and french.
as per usual the french version sounds better!

christine and the queens - doesn't matter (voleur de soleil)

Thursday, June 21, 2018

LIVE PERFORMANCE: sam smith - baby, you make me crazy (acoustic)

sam smith - baby you make me crazy (acoustic)
sometimes you should just perform a song with nothing but a guitar and your lovely backup vocalists. i haven't really been listening much to sam smith's album, but this version is a nice one for the summer (and it's so nice to see him smiling and just chill).

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: florence + the machine - big god

florence + the machine - big god
i can honestly watch this video by autumn de wilde on loop. between the incredible song by florence, the amazing choreo that she collabs with akram khan (and those other dancers!), this is just a beautiful piece of visual that you can lose yourself into. simple but so powerful at the same time. hence my video of the week.

NEW ALESSIA CARA!! alessia cara - growing pains

alessia cara - growing pains
is her suit motif a commentary of being part of corporate music culture? looks like alessia cara's return will address her feelings towards her success in the upcoming 'the pains of growing' album, with her 1st single 'growing pains' already kicking off some criticism. can't wait to see what else she's willing to expose of herself in the coming releases!

VIDEO PREMIERE: ariana grande feat nicki minaj - the light is coming

ariana grande feat nicki minaj - the light is coming
pharrell is all over this new ariana grande single! with it's playful beats and nicki kicking off the song, ariana fans now have an official release date of the album 'sweetener' (aug 17) too! there will be loads more ariana in the coming days with her appearance in nicki's latest single and hopefully a video for her troye sivan collab too!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

NEW VIDEO: the carters - apeshit

the carters - apeshit
surprise releasing their joint album 'everything is love' under 'the carters', beyonce and jay z not only take over the louvre in their video, but they offer some juicy lyrics that cover all the talk around their relationship, avoiding spotify, losing at the grammys and more. of course to hear their new album, you have to listen on tidal, so get joining!

NEW BLACKPINK!!: blackpink - ddu du ddu du

blackpink - ddu du ddu du
already breaking records with the most youtube views of any kpop girl band history within 24 hours (47 million and counting), blackpink release their latest EP square up with 4 tracks kicking off with this banger of 'ddu du ddu du'. i'm sure we'll be seeing some videos accompanying those tracks very soon, for now we welcome back my fave kpop gals!

Monday, June 11, 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: shawn mendes - nervous

shawn mendes - nervous
'nervous' was a hit single apparent from day one if you've listened to shawn's latest album, so um... there you have it... giving us cute and swoon for his latest video!

Thursday, June 07, 2018

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: twin shadow feat haim - saturdays

twin shadow feat haim - saturdays
celebrating the mood of waking up early on saturdays watching cartoons before taking on the world, then coming home at night watching music videos after hours, that was the schooling i got as a kid and looks like twin shadow (aka george lewis jr) got the same visual education as me. crafting the perfect 80's soundtrack jam, i've been cherishing this song for quite some time and love that it's FINALLY an official single. play it, love it, live it!!


kesha - hymn
always a highlight off her last album 'rainbow', this self empowerment anthem is now taking on a new meaning as kesha is dedicating it to the united we dream organization which helps youth combat deportation and feel safe within their immigrant communities from the government. one of the jams of the summer has gone political yo!

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: tropkillaz & major lazer fear mc kevinho & busy signal - loko

tropkillaz & major lazer fear mc kevinho & busy signal - loko
combining the music of brazil & jamaica into one summer jam, tropkillaz & major lazer have come up with a dance song that keeps on surprising during it's 2'41" run. it's my fave song jam at the moment so turn it the F up!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: troye sivan - bloom

troye sivan - bloom
after announcing his upcoming collaboration with ariana grande, troye sivan released this beautiful and femme video for his current single 'bloom'. filled with lush images and troye taking on some extreme makeup tips, this is a lovely 80's inspired number for his fans!

WONGIE SOUL BALLAD OF THE WEEK: leon bridges - beyond

leon bridges - beyond
i mean... how cute is this video? leon bridges not only gives us one of the more romantic numbers off his album 'good thing' but he fills us with happy thoughts by being a total softie here. i'm not blushing... you're blushing!!

Thursday, May 31, 2018


so my day job is kicking in and i've gotta take a mini-break from this site for the next couple of weeks. i'll definitely try to update when big releases come out or you can always check out the facebook page for (hopefully) daily news / posts! i'll be back but check out the carmix 2018 for weekly updates of new music too! i'll see you guys end of may!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: cardi b, bad bunny & j balvin - i like it

cardi b, bad bunny & j balvin - i like it
easily one of the best tracks off her 'invasion of privacy' album, this is cardi b celebrating her latin roots with the buzzy bad bunny and one of my favorite latin acts j balvin on deck. it's a party and a summer smash!

Friday, May 25, 2018

VIDEO PREMIERE: christine and the queens feat dam funk - girlfriend

christine and the queens feat dam funk - girlfriend
tapping influences that range from photographer charles ebbets to choreography of west side story, we see the wonderful (long awaited) return of christine and the queens! giving us some serious 80's soul funk as her kick off single, heloise letissier (aka 'christine') is definitely leaving the cool sparseness of her last album to something warmer and more emotional this time. can't wait to hear more!!

if you're a purest and want to hear 'girlfriend' in it's original french form, here it is below:

christine and the queens feat dam funk - damn, dis-moi

Thursday, May 24, 2018

WONGIE INDIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: louis the child feat wafia - better not

louis the child feat wafia - better not
working with aussie singer wafia, louis the child (aka robert hauldren & frederic kennett) have come up with a chill out tropical-esque dance song for your summer mix. these chi-town boys have been churning out some solid stuff the past year and this number is a great addition to their arsenal. i'm a fan!

WONGIE INDIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: bastille - quarter past midnight

bastille - quarter past midnight
what kind of crazy shenanigans does bastille frontman dan smith go through at night? he keeps on waking up in twin peaks like rooms but i'm hoping his night really was being surrounded by drag queens lip syncing to his song while caressing his sweet doe eyed face. love this tune too!

GIRL POWER!: christina aguilera feat demi lovato - fall in line

christina aguilera feat demi lovato - fall in line
it's two powerhouse voices giving the girls an anthem to feel proud of. forced or not, it's out there and it's not a bad thing.

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: lykke li - hard rain

lykke li - hard rain
in the past few weeks lykke li has been very gracious about giving fans album tracks and buzz singles for her upcoming new album (in 7 years!) 'so sad, so sexy'. in keeping with the theme of the title, her new video for 'hard rain' directed by the incredible anton tammi allows us an in depth look at such a tumultuous relationship. the video is also deeply gorgeous and has some fancy camerawork thrown in. definitely press play and get lost!

Saturday, May 19, 2018


sza - garden (say it like dat)
how cool that sza and donald glover (aka childish gambino) have a friendship that allows for them to pop up in each other's videos (did you see her in the cameo for 'this is america'?). now he returns the favor by frolicking in the forest with the soul singer as she expresses her insecurities in the vulnerable 'garden'.

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: years & years - if you're over me

years & years - if you're over me
i love how years & years have pulled a total 180 on us and given fans a pure pop gem as their latest single! throw in the continuing theme of an emotionally confusing relationship (as kick started in sanctify) and you've got yet another catchy number with a sexy fluid video to boot. LOVE these guys!

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: king princess - talia

king princess - talia
i have to say that king princess (aka mikaela straus) has quickly become one of my fave queer indie pop stars of the year. we loved the single '1950' and am really into her latest heartbreak single 'talia'. honestly not much more to say than she's kicked off a tour and it's already sold out! LOVE her and so should you!

Sunday, May 06, 2018

WONGIE VIDEO OF THE WEEK: childish gambino - this is america

childish gambino - this is america
released just as donald glover went on SNL to be both the host and musical guest, childish gambino's new single (which he also world premiered that night) tackles gun violence and police brutality with the kind of surprise randomness situated next to dancing and celebratory singing. it's shocking to see, but just the kind of video you expect from this creative genius that's having a stellar year both in front and behind the camera.

want more? check out childish gambino performing another new song on saturday night live!

childish gambino - saturday (live @ saturday night live)

Saturday, May 05, 2018

WONGIE HIP HOP SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: nicki minaj - barbie tingz / chun li

nicki minaj - barbie tingz

nicki minaj - chun li
it's here! FINALLY we get to see the two videos accompanying nicki minaj's excellent releases! with 'barbie tingz' nicki collaborates with creative giovanni bianco to make a sparse but colorful piece that matches the sass of her retro celebratory jam. on 'chun-li' superstar photographer steven klein takes the reins and gives us some of his seriously kick ass vision. they're both fun to watch and gives us the nicki that we've been hankering for quite some time!

Thursday, May 03, 2018

WONGIE POP SONG(s) OF THE WEEK: shawn mendes - in my blood / lost in japan / youth (feat khalid)

shawn mendes - in my blood
[UPDATE 4/24: here is the video premiere of shawn mendes single (finally!)]
welcome to the power ballad section of the shawn mendes discography! at it's midnight release fans were given a nice surprise new single that starts off like an acoustic ballad but kicks into full on rock pop territory that showcases a possible more adventurous direction with his upcoming album. we shall see, until then, play. swoon. repeat.

shawn mendes - lost in japan
a week later, shawn gave his best soulful pop presentation in the form of 'lost in japan', offering a breezy jam that is more than what basic folks are calling a JT knockoff. this song is just a solid number that easily will play through the rest of the summer. love this!!

shawn mendes feat khalid - youth
[UPDATE 5/3: check out the lyric video of the new track which also features khalid]

NEW FLORENCE!: florence + the machine - hunger

florence + the machine - hunger
announcing the release of her new album 'high as hope' at the end of june, florence also gave us the album track 'hunger' which she wrote on her own while taking a creative getaway to los angeles. can't wait to hear more!!!

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: aurora - queendom

aurora - queendom
she's baaack! the 21 year old norwegian indie pop singer returns and with a much more self confident image than when we last saw her 3 years back. kicking off with the excellent lead single 'queendom', i can only look forward to what else this young woman has in store for us!

NEW CHRISTINA AGUILERA!: christina aguilera feat ty dolla $ign & 2 chainz - accelerate

christina aguilera feat ty dolla $ign & 2 chainz - accelerate
taking time off has not made christina into a shy woman! she's back and so orally fixated that she's made a video where we see more of her mouth/tongue than we really need to. the kanye west produced track (hm... is it a good idea to be associated with him at the moment?) is busy, but every now and then you hear a brilliant song trying to break out. i think i like it... i'm not sure... but she's baaack!!!