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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LIVE PERFORMANCE: adele - water under the bridge (live @ the tonight show with jimmy fallon) / hello + when we were young (live @ snl)

adele - water under the bridge (live @ the tonight show with jimmy fallon)
as part of the continual media tour of the US, adele stopped by the tonight show with jimmy fallon and gave a world premiere performance of one of the more upbeat tracks from her massive '25' collection. co-written by greg kurstin ("hello"), it's nice to hear other tracks from the album considering most of us are already burnt out from the 1st single.

BUT if you still wanna see how adele did on snl over the weekend, here are her WONDERFUL performances that evening (may be the best live ones yet!)

adele - hello (live @ snl)

adele - when we were young (live @ snl)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: cl - hello bitches

cl - hello bitches
chaelin lin (aka 2ne1's CL) has been working towards her english language debut for quite some time and this stank face stomp is a perfect kick in the neck intro for those who aren't already fans of the kpop star. working with choreographer parris goebel and her request crew (the dancers are also having a moment by being in the justin bieber "sorry" video), the only word that comes to mind is fierce. damn is CL fierce! can't wait to see what else she has in store, but this is a hot start!

WATCH THIS SHOW: adele at the bbc

adele at the bbc
[UPDATE: please allow for some time to load]
hosted by graham norton, adele went on bbc and gave a one hour special that included performances from 19 21 & of course 25 (with some fun q&a and silly sketches thrown in). it's a fun hour that you won't soon forget!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: kelly clarkson - piece by piece

kelly clarkson - piece by piece
easily one of my fave tracks from kelly's album of the same name, it's the lyrics of this number that always gets to me, spinning a positive from what was a pretty bad early relationship in her life. with the track remixed for radio, this is officially her latest single and it's just beautiful.
in her own words, kelly talks about the lyrics of the song:
"I like to think of "Piece By Piece" as the happy ending to "Because Of You." It's not the happiest story in the beginning, but it's a real one that I decided to write after a conversation with my sister. So many of us had to grow up without parents to model a healthy relationship for us, so we often get into dysfunctional relationships because it is what is familiar. We end up settling instead of being with someone who is worthy of our hearts and our time. We all deserve to feel worthy of love. We all deserve to be truly loved. This song is basically my past, present, and future. It's my love letter celebrating and thanking my husband for being a man that knows how to love me and our children without expecting anything in return. Also, this is a promise to my kids that I will never cease to love them, and be present in their lives always."
feel like you know the song by now? check out a very emotional kelly as she tries to perform this song live a few months back. it'll make you tear up for sure!

kelly clarkson - piece by piece (live)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ALBUM STREAM: adele - 25 / when we were young (live @ the church studios)

UPDATE: check out the full album stream of '25' coming out this friday!!

adele - when we were young (live @ the church studios)
after previewing a snippet of adele doing a live rehearsal of the new song 'when we were young' for 60 minutes australia, the full performance world premiered today for everyone to enjoy. working with singer/songwriter tobias jesso jr (who adele big up-ed back in january as a fan), this is a wistful ballad filled with some serious sentimentality and a high note that is spectacular to witness. press play and enjoy!

Monday, November 16, 2015

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: snakehips feat tinashe & chance the rapper - all my friends / (99 souls remix)

every now and then one just needs to hear a catchy anthem that'll make the outside news less heartbreaking than it actually is. somehow this hip hop singalong by uk duo oliver lee and james carter (aka snakehips) has cut through and become my go to happy place for the week. with stories of parisians going back out to their local restaurants, watching movies and even listening to music again, this wonderful track just gives me hopeful images of total strangers gathered around and singing loudly to this in collective spirited joy.

snakehips feat tinashe & chance the rapper - all my friends

snakehips feat tinashe & chance the rapper - all my friends (99 souls remix)
oh and then check out 99 souls remix of the track making it into a house anthem with the same singalong effect!

Friday, November 13, 2015

WE HEART CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS: christine and the queens - night 52 / jonathan (feat perfume genius) / paradis perdus / tilted

after slaying the charts back home in france for the past year with her debut album 'chaleur humaine', heloise letissier (aka christine and the queens) sets her sights for world domination with a re-edited version of her album filled with bi-lingual performances and new songs thrown in. part performance artist, part diva, part scruffy tom boy, the magic of this singer is the clear vision of her music, her visuals and her incredible live persona. after experiencing it last night, our love for christine and the queens is now in a fever pitch. check out some of our fave songs of hers at the moment:

christine and the queens - night 52
a reworking of her debut single 'nuit 17 a 52', i have to say that i'm surprised that this english version works better than the original (but that chorus! bliss!)

christine and the queens feat perfume genius - jonathan
a longtime fan of the canadian singer, heloise went straight to mike hadreas (aka perfume genius) to supply the male vocals to this heartbreaking track about hidden love. it's haunting and will stay with you long after the song is over. kind of brilliant.

christine and the queens - paradis perdus
i mean any woman that mashes up the classic 1973 song by christophe to kanye west's "heartless" is kind of worth your admiration don't you think?

christine and the queens - tilted
a pretty direct translation of her massive smash 'christine', this is the kind of self empowerment anthem that young people should be listening to. it gets better with this kind of music people!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: miike snow - heart is full

miike snow - heart is full
after a 3 year wait, miike snow (aka bloodshy & avant & andrew wyatt) finally reunites with new material for 'III' due 2016. world premiered on zane lowe's beats 1 show, the trio promise even more new tracks in the coming months, so expect crazy videos like this one to accompany their return.

VIDEO PREMIERE: missy elliott feat pharrell - WTF (where they from)

missy elliott feat pharrell - WTF (where they from)
oh it's been WAAAAAAY too long, but missy is FINALLY back! the hook heavy jam relies a tad too much to the chorus but damn, when missy is on, she is ON! oh and the puppets kind of steal the show (you can thank longtime collaborator dave meyers for that)... oops!

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: aurora - half the world away (john lewis xmas 2015 theme song) / npr tiny desk concert

aurora - half the world away (video premiere)
getting the coveted theme song to front the annual john lewis xmas ad campaign has been very beneficial for past stars (ellie goulding, tom odell, lily allen) and this year 19 year old aurora gets the chance to pull at our heartstrings with her cover of the oasis hit "half the world away". all this means big things for the norwegian singer/songwriter who has been on our radar since the summer. with a debut album set for early next year, this is just the perfect track to create some crossover buzz.

wanna see the john lewis ad? here it is below:

john lewis christmas ad 2015 - #ManOnTheMoon

UPDATE: check out aurora performing her just released npr tiny desk concert:

aurora - tiny desk concert
"Murder Song (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)"
"Running With The Wolves"

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: conrad sewell - start again

conrad sewell - start again
already a big hit back in australia, this lovely single was the track that got the singer/songwriter signed to the US and is officially released this week. it's just the perfect fall track with the right hint of ennui to get us through these chilly days. expect big things!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


pell - queso
to be honest the thought of food (i LOVE me some queso!) brought me to the world of new orleans based hip hop rapper pell. but sometimes these shallow reasons brings a positive outcome as his catchy 70's afro retro infused single has been on repeat since discovering it last week. already buzzed as a one to watch on loads of tastemaker music sites, let this be my hype addition to an exciting new artist to keep an eye out for!

Monday, November 09, 2015

AUDIO PREMIERE: fleur east - sax / sax (live @ x-factor uk)

fleur east - sax
to be honest, there is nothing new here (especially since fleur made public impact last year when she performed 'uptown funk' on the x-factor uk), this pretty much is a carbon copy of the bruno mars smash but i have to say, once those michael jackson-esque horns kick in almost all is forgiven cause all you wanna do is bop your head. the song will be a massive hit, you will feel manipulated throughout. gosh darnit!

UPDATE: check out last night's performance of "sax" live on x-factor UK

fleur east - sax (live @ x-factor uk)

Sunday, November 08, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: little mix - hair

little mix - hair
for those of you who follow my music blog, you know i have a soft spot for little mix. ever since the x factor uk days to now, these four lovelies have found a great quirky sound that usually tries a few genres within the context of their songs. as a build up promo single for their new album 'get weird' the gals once again prove that they do pop beyond the rules out there. yeah, i kind of love them!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

1st LIVE PERFORMANCE: adele - hello (live @ nrj music awards)

adele - hello (live @ nrj music awards)
giving her first live performance of "hello" anywhere, adele brought her salutations to the nrj music awards and gave us a glimpse of what we'll be hearing in the coming weeks. hopefully we'll start hearing new songs too... please!

Friday, November 06, 2015

WONGIE COVER OF THE WEEK: sam smith - love is a losing game (amy winehouse cover)

sam smith - love is a losing game (amy winehouse cover)
taken off his just released 'in the lonely hour : drowning shadows edition', sam covers the amy winehouse classic with a bit of lush strings and smith-ian phrasings thrown in. it's a different kind of heartbreak, but kind of perfect for a friday.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

ALBUM STREAM: alessia cara - know it all

alessia cara - know it all
19 year old singer/songwriter alessia cara went front and center with her wallflower anthem 'here' during the summer and since then EVERY audio release has showcased her amazing lyrics and cool musicality to make her easily one of my fave new acts of 2015. first discovered on youtube, alessia's smooth vocals is at once soulful, folky and pop in one fell modern swoop, it's the voice of someone who will only do massive things in the coming years. oh and the debut album is pretty brilliant too!

WONGIE LIVE PERFORMANCE OF THE WEEK: justin timberlake & chris stapleton - tennessee whiskey / drink you away (live @ CMA awards)

justin timberlake & chris stapleton - tennessee whiskey / drink you away
chris stapleton is easily one of the best 'new' acts to come out this year. with his gravelly soulful voice, the man gives me goosebumps every time he opens up his mouth. for this years CMA awards the singer/songwriter walked away with 3 big awards including album AND male vocalist of the year. if you've never seen this man perform get ready to freak out with this AMAZING live performance with his special guest justin timberlake (and morgane stapleton who is always on perfect harmony with chris). these three tear the roof off and you will be so happy for pressing play!

Monday, November 02, 2015

AUDIO PREMIERE: sam smith - drowning shadows (apple music world premiere)

sam smith - drowning shadows (apple music world record)
sam smith went on zane lowe's beats 1 radio show to world premiere a never released track that was re-recorded for the upcoming repackage of 'in the lonely hour'. it's a pretty song, but definitely still in the vein of his previous saddo themes. bless.

AUDIO BUZZ: 99 souls - the girl is mine

99 souls - the girl is mine
after being played as a bootleg mashup since late last year, the duo known as 99 souls FINALLY have the chance to release their club smash to the masses. putting together destiny's child (girl) against the brandy/monica classic and you've got a potential #1 in the works. i've been bopping to this gem for ages and now you can too!

VIDEO PREMIERE: justin bieber - i'll show you

justin bieber - i'll show you
out of nowhere, the bieber released this skrillex produced mid tempo gem off of the upcoming 'purpose' album. as part of the apology recordings, this is also 3 for 3 from the bieber that i'm actually digging. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

WONGIE BALLAD OF THE WEEK: sara bareilles - she used to be mine ("waitress" musical)

[VIDEO PREMIERE: sara officially releases a video to pair up to theme song of her upcoming broadway musical]

sara bareilles - she used to be mine ("waitress" musical)
taken from the upcoming spring 2016 broadway musical 'waitress' (based on the classic movie), singer songwriter sara bareilles has expanded her skill set by writing its music and lyrics (which already has had a sold out run at the american repertory theater). if the rest of the music is as touching as this track, then expect some serious play during the award season next year. i'm just saying...

Friday, October 23, 2015

POP GAL: carly rae jepsen - run away with me

carly rae jepsen - run away with me
working with the tech production company interlude, pop gal carly lets you choose her worldwide adventure for her as she brings you her brand poptastic new single to you. it's a fun interactive experience which continues to explore how music videos are at the forefront when it comes to incorporating technology with your imagination. i'm a fan!

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: justin bieber - sorry

justin bieber - sorry
who'd have thought that the rebranding of justin bieber would be so successful? his 2nd single 'sorry' is not only a catchy slice of pop but it's ACTUALLY pretty darn good pop! co-produced by skrillex and blood pop, the presentation is made better with the sexy choreography by new zealander parris goebel and the ladies of request/the royal family dance crews! do we need to see a proper video with the bieber? i think i'm good!

NEW ONE DIRECTION!: one direction - perfect

one direction - perfect
as the countdown to the end of 1D continues, the four piece are slowly putting out soft rock pop anthems that will probably go down in time as timeless singalongs you'll hear on the radio (you scoff now, but this is how i feel). co-written by louis and harry, the video seems like a thrown together lo-fi shoot but is in fact done by big time director sophie muller (really soph? this is throwaway even for you). not the most exciting release, but it still gets me wistful for 1DDay...

VIDEO PREMIERE: adele - hello

adele - hello
i'm not gonna say much. here is the return of adele. it's been 4 years. the video is directed by xavier dolan. the lover is played by tristan wilds. the song is co-written and produced by greg kurstin. hello. welcome back.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

WONGIE POP BALLAD OF THE WEEK: troye sivan - talk me down

troye sivan - talk me down
teasing his upcoming debut album 'blue neighbourhood', troye sivan is definitely proving himself beyond his internet sensation tag and showcasing some serious cred with the songs he's already shared with his fans. this dreamy ballad is not only a highlight of the lot, but paired with it's emotional video, is also tear worthy. swoon away kids.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: florence & the machine - delilah

florence & the machine - delilah
directed by collaborator vincent haycock, flo's high concept 'odyssey' series reaches a pinnacle as her character readies herself for the inevitable disastrous end. it's all in the wild dance choreographed by holly blakey... duh! oh and here's a portrait from the video shoot. just eerie and lovely!

VIDEO PREMIERE: gwen stefani - used to love you

gwen stefani - used to love you
after premiering it at a concert a few days back, gwen stefani officially releases her new single which may or may not be alluding to the breakup of her marriage. to be honest, the video feels a tad forced (oh ms stefani sure knows how to give 'face'!) but the fans are going to eat this song/video up!

LIVE PERFORMANCE: matt corby - monday

matt corby - monday
recorded in one take, the amazing matt corby gives us a preview of what a live acapella performance of "monday" would sound like. it's just a joy to see this lush tune pieced together section by section. brilliant!!

VIDEO PREMIERE: drake - hotline bling

drake - hotline bling
nothing like watching drake do some serious cha cha dad dancing! it's been on serious repeat for the past few weeks and all i do is sing "ever since i left the city youuuuuuu" over and over again. i'm hooked and so should you!

Monday, October 19, 2015

WONGIE POP SONG OF THE WEEK: dawin feat silento - dessert

dawin feat silento - dessert
honestly this song has been floating around for months and i've wondered why it's never gotten any official video presence (even with 42 million streams of the audio have gone down by now!!). it's FINALLY happening and by now 'dessert' is already an international phenomenon with people going crazy for the song the first time they've heard it. this has been a wongie fave since the summer and now hopefully your fave too!

Friday, October 09, 2015

WONGIE VIDEO(s) OF THE WEEK: bear's den - elysium / agape

bear's den - elysium
this beautiful video by james marcus haney was initially a celebration of the lyrics of UK act bear's den by spending some time documenting james' brother turner, over a university weekend. what was initially a video about youth and innocence turned into a real life tragedy as a gunman shot and killed one of turner's friends leading to the raw documentation that we see here. it's moving and brilliant added with the gorgeous soundtrack by the lovely indie folk band.

bear's den - elysium (live @ vevo dscvr)
and just to prove how lovely these lads are, check out a live performance of this touching song just for you!

oh and check out their other gem 'agape' directed by ed sayers which is lovely too!

bear's den - agape

Thursday, October 08, 2015

SOUL GAL: kehlani feat coucheron - alive / feat charlie puth - hotline bling (drake cover)

kehlani feat coucheron - alive
you know you've hit breaking point appreciation when taylor swift name checks your song as one of her current favorites. for the multi-cultural kehlani, the bay area singer/songwriter is breaking into the mainstream after her popular mixtape 'you should be here' generated a million streams in a day. celebrating 90's r&b kehlani is readying for her debut album with the official release of this breezy island love jam. she's on our radar and should be on yours too!

kehlani x charlie puth - hotline bling (drake cover)
hot damn! stripping down drake's single to the bare minimum, charlie & kehlani sound perfect on their duet cover of this hot jam. LOVE THIS!!

Monday, October 05, 2015

WONGIE HIP HOP SONG OF THE WEEK: travis scott - antidote

travis scott - antidote
with a list of mentors like kanye west and jay z who are more than keen to help this newbie rapper, travis scott is coming into the rap scene with some serious buzz behind him. throw in the fact that his current single 'antidote' is crazy hypnotic (with killer lyrics to boost) and you've got yourself one to watch for the rest of 2015 and beyond. hot damn this song is cool!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

VIDEO PREMIERE: sam smith - writing's on the wall (james bond 007 spectre theme song)

sam smith - writing's on the wall (james bond 007 spectre theme song)
just a few weeks shy of it's highly anticipated release, sam smith offers up his theme song (co-produced by jimmy napes and disclosure) for james bond spectre. instantly #1 in the UK charts, this is a surprisingly subtle (even with those strings) single for 007's long standing tradition of drama theme songs. can't wait to see the film!!!

Friday, October 02, 2015

WONGIE RETRO POP SONG OF THE WEEK: little mix - love me like you

little mix - love me like you
the 2nd official single from their upcoming album 'get weird' this doo wop retro number from little mix is just out and out sweet. honestly they are my fave girl group around (cause there aren't many left really...) with solid fun numbers that deserve a worldwide fanbase. love these gals!

WONGIE COVER OF THE WEEK: ryan adams - blank space (taylor swift 1989 cover)

ryan adams - blank space (taylor swift 1989 cover)
going on the daily show with new host trevor noah, ryan adams performed three numbers from his 1989 cover album for the first time and it was glorious. i've been coming back to this number as his melancholic version has been the perfect soundtrack to our chilly wet northeast climes these days. LOVE this album!!!

NEW HOZIER!: hozier - jackie and wilson

hozier - jackie and wilson
can't believe we are already on single #6 from hozier's debut album! it's been a wonderful journey for this irish singer/songwriter and this video is a perfect encapsulation of his much deserved rise. oh to think we loved him back in the day...

Thursday, October 01, 2015

WONGIE JAM OF THE WEEK: jamie xx feat young thug & popcaan - i know there's gonna be (good times)

jamie xx feat young thug & popcaan - i know there's gonna be (good times)
easily one of my fave jams of the year until you start to listen to the lyrics from young thug & popcaan, then it's like 'ew...' but then the retro jam kicks back in and all is forgiven! the most divisive jam of the year for me really...

WONGIE SONG OF THE WEEK: matt corby - monday

matt corby - monday
after taking 2 years off from releasing new material, aussie singer songwriter returns with the vocally layered "monday" where everything on the song comes from him. recorded in just 10 mins, this is just a teaser of the kind of genius that we can expect from his upcoming album. pardon me as i get lost in this amazing song again.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WONGIE FUTURE SOUL SONG OF THE WEEK: naughty boy feat beyonce & arrow benjamin - runnin' (lose it all)

naughty boy feat beyonce & arrow benjamin - runnin' (lose it all)
the thing about beyonce these days is that every performance is at a level 10 (subtlety what's that?) so this interesting collaboration with naughty boy is nice to experience, cause at least it feels like a toned down 8 (though i would have preferred a more vulnerable vocal). i shouldn't complain cause this just teases what will be a very exciting new album for the producer.

NEW DISCLOSURE: disclosure feat lorde - magnets

disclosure feat lorde - magnets
definitely a highlight of their album 'caracal', lorde brings her indie leanings into the world of disclosure and surprises her fans with a sexy performance (making out!) in the video too. a preview of what we'll be seeing for lorde 2.0?

Monday, September 21, 2015

ALBUM STREAM: chvrches - every open eye

chvrches - every open eye
definitely a more confident sophomore release, 'every open eye' continues to showcase chvrches strong pop songwriting sensibilities filtered with their 80's synth celebratory skills. of course lauren mayberry makes the best frontwoman for all this perfection. between ryan adams and this album, today has been a great day for music!

VIDEO PREMIERE: ellie goulding - on my mind

ellie goulding - on my mind
i get it when an artist wants to break from their usual sound and try new things. but if this max martin produced track is any indication, ellie goulding may be in for a surprise if the response isn't as excitable from her fans. i'm not too sold on the song, but at least ellie looks great (and flaunts it) in the emil nava video!

ALBUM STREAM: ryan adams - 1989 (taylor swift album)

ryan adams - 1989 (taylor swift album)
a total curiosity, singer songwriter ryan adams spent the summer covering taylor swift's '1989' album and the result is this celebration of her songs. allowing us to hear her music through a different filter, some of these covers are surprisingly wonderful. awesome!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

NEW CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS: christine and the queens feat tunji ige - no harm is done

christine and the queens feat tunji ige - no harm is done
we've been fans of heloise letissier (aka christine and the queens) for quite awhile and with the upcoming US repackaging of her debut album, heloise has added a few new tracks to bridge the language gap between her french hits and potential english fanbase. it's a smart move and with this chill number, new listeners will get an idea of the cool electronic pop sounds of this dynamic singer songwriter. nice one!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

WONGIE DANCE SONG OF THE WEEK: kda feat tinie tempah & katy b - turn the music louder (rumble)

kda feat tinie tempah & katy b - turn the music louder (rumble)
[UPDATED with official video!] it's a big week for this underground dance track as it gets a serious overground makeover with a rap by tinie tempah and some hawt vocals by katy b on the mix. already getting major play all over radio 1 and kiss fm, this is gonna be falls big dance smash!

Friday, September 18, 2015

WONGIE COVER OF THE WEEK: disclosure & sam smith - hotline bling (drake cover - live @ bbc radio 1 live lounge) / jaded / hour glass feat lion babe

disclosure & sam smith - hotline bling (drake cover - live @ bbc radio 1 live lounge)
holy shizz is this cover of the current drake single good! disclosure and sam smith ventured into the live lounge studios and surprised everyone with this excellent reggae soul rendition of an already buzzy single. can someone release this please!

want more? check out more tracks from their upcoming album caracal:

disclosure - jaded

disclosure feat lion babe - hourglass